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I bring a new perspective and level of depth to your leadership events and retreats. Let's explore together how you can create more meaningful work and have a positive impact in the world through your personal alignment in your work and leadership.

Become A Positive Energy Leader:

Remember Who You Are, Do What You Are Here To Do, Evolve The World Being You.

We are at an unprecedented time in human history.  The moment where we are called to consciously make a massive shift in our ways of living and working.  Some say that we have 10 years to reinvent ourselves.

As a leader are you watching what is going on in the world and wondering ‘what is my part’?  Are you successful but feel something is missing and being called to more? 

In this enlightening talk, based on her speech at the Swiss Mission during Davos 2020, Louise will share what it really takes to Align to Purpose, Create Meaning At Work and become a purpose led Next Generation Leader. 

Louise will focus on how you can start right now, wherever you are. Specifically, she will share:

  • What her own career pivotal moment taught her about fulfilling work, meaning and positive impact
  • How purpose is not a destination but a way of travelling - and how that changes everything
  • The Three Shifts you can make to create more meaning in your work right now

'Louise Le Gat IS positive energy personified.  With a full and present heart, Louise brings her gifts to the stage in a highly memorable and deeply impactful way. Powerful, calm and inspiring, you will be moved, you will be touched and transformation will begin.'  Linda Stuart

'The IMD MBA'14 class had the opportunity to enjoy Louise's positive and inspiring message. With a practical approach supported by her personal experience, we were able to start digging for our peak moments and our meaning in life.  Louise, thank you so much for sharing your gift with us!' 

Juan Jimenez Criado, IMD Business School MBA'14


'Amazing!  I was so connected and engaged the whole presentation. Louise has great presence and such quiet elegance.   I could so relate to her story of regret and she challenged me to do more and be more, so that I too can honestly say I have no regrets!' 

Cori Cooper 



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