Finding Our Feet In This New (Ab)Normal

May 24, 2022
As I sit here in the middle of a hale storm hammering on the wooden roof of my home, I can feel the fear pulsating through my body. I wonder if the pellets will break my window. This is not comfortable. I call my mum (!) She is sympathetic and in the same breath tells me there has been a tornado in Germany and whole roofs were blown away. Not sure that helps really. I go online and read that in India the heat is so intense that the birds are falling out of the sky and that the streets are lined with dead animals.
And then I remind myself that this is what it is like now - intense and extreme weather. That the stability I have taken for granted belongs in the past. And that my new reality is now constant uncertainty, the deep unknown and profound change. I am clear I don't like it.
As the old world looses its stability, it can feel like we are being swept by a tidal wave. Where what we took for granted shatters.
And it is normal to want to hold on to what we have known. And resist embracing what is becoming.
This is what these times are about. I know we don't want to hear it because it is deeply uncomfortable. But we are in the midst of a system change. The lack of sustainability of our existing system is being laid bare. And we are being called to change it. Change is hard though, especially at the level at which we are called to it.
As our grip on the old ways loosens, there is an opening for a new way that emerges.
But often we miss it. Because in our reaction to circumstances, we get hypnotised by the loss. Or obsessed with trying to avoid it. And we can't contemplate that we are being called to something greater.
I deeply believe that there is something better on the other side of this. It's just we have to navigate the in between bit. And for this time of transition, we all have a choice. I am crossing my fingers we all show up for this one.
Until Next Time,