Positive Energy At Work In 4 Steps

Oct 30, 2018
I have been asked a lot recently to run team events on stress management.  
Mostly people want to feel more positive at work. Often they feel instead a mix of lost, stressed, exhausted and empty.   They ask me ‘how can I deal with my stress, manage my energy and experience more positive emotions?’  
So here are some tips from my Positive Energy At Work workshop.
Where It Comes From
The real underlying reason is the way we approach work.  We  live with the legacy of the 19th Century facturies.  There is still something mechanical in how we tackle our goals.  
From an early age we are taught to push to get the grades.  Without being shown how to balance that with our own inner knowing and honouring of our own needs.  Work then tends to pick up where school left off - asking even more of us.
We Get Disconnected
What happens is this... we loose ourselves in the chase for success...
We feel lost because we don’t always know what success really is for us.   
We feel stressed because we keep pushing without ever really recovering.  
We feel exhausted because we underestimate what we will need to succeed.
We feel empty because we loose connection with ourselves and our real potential.
The Way Back
Beyond the juggling of work and life, the real key is to create inner alignment.
So here are the 4 principles of Positive Energy At Work:
1. Define what real success is for you.  
Often we define success as an external shopping list.  When it is actually something we want to feel.
So how does success feel to you?  What emotions do you want to experience?  From there you work backwards.  What would it take to invest in those feelings right now?  
What would you have to do differently to experience those feelings every day?  What would you have to stop doing?  What would you have to start doing?
2. Integrate Positive Energy Habits.
Stress often has become the baseline note of our lives.  Start breaking that cycle, by integrating every day positive habits.
Start with integrating 15 mins a day of conscious recovery.  Schedule it in your diary.
3. Consciously fill up your Energy Tanks.
I like to use the P.I.E.S. model of self-care here.  As a human being to flourish you have to take care of four dimensions of energy - Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual.  
Just to clarify spiritual is about our inner alignment - to what extent we are in harmony and integrity with ourselves and our purpose.
So start to ask yourself: ‘Where are you getting drained? And  what do you need to thrive in each one of these areas?’
4. Create Self-Fuelling Work.
We now know that when you are aligned to your real potential, work energises you.  
I realised this when I was seriously ill. I could only stay awake three hours a day.  So energy was precious. I will always remember the first time I coached.  I expected to feel drained after it.  But I had more energy than at the start of the session.
It is actually a win win - by aligning to potential you are better at your work and your work gives you energy.
So start to notice as you go throughout your day: ‘What do you do that energises you?  What is it about it that connects you back to your real potential?’
Until next time,
You will find more information about this workshop, here   Or you can also email me at [email protected] 
Louise Le Gat is an experienced facilitator, speaker, executive coach, and creator of the ‘Positive Energy Leaders’ movement. She helps leaders who are at a pivotal moment in their careers align to their real purpose and step into their true leadership.

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