Regaining Inspiration In These Challenging Times

May 31, 2022
Recently it has felt like I am on this high speed train racing out of control down the tracks towards a big cliff. And that there is nothing I can do to stop it.
I am usually an optimist. But I have been finding it hard to enjoy the usual things or feel inspired. I have this feeling of impeding doom that is with me wherever I go. However resilient I am, what is happening, or not happening and needs to happen, in the world is wearing me down.
Overwhelmed, it has seemed like I don't have the power to prevent this train wreck.
I hear a lot of grand statements but am not experiencing enough massive progress in turning the tide. I can see that I am not the only one - many are either frozen in apathy, talking a good game without being willing to take radical action or numbing reality through denial.
I realised that I could keep bingeing on Netflix and hope that someone else fixes it all. Or shift whatever is going on inside me. This is what helped me - which might help you too.
In the end...
It is a hope. Maybe my small contribution will not make the difference. Maybe yours alone won't either. But everyone's contribution together can tilt the balance.
The question: How can I show up fully for my purpose now?
It is a realisation that amidst the current chaos, we still have the power to create. We can react to circumstances - in a hopeless attempt to micromanage the earthquakes that are shaking our foundations. Or we can rise up and create something new - based on new foundations.
The question: What am I feeling called to create that I am resisting?
It is an acknowledgement that the old system was passed its sell by date anyway. And that we can now turn our minds to birthing a new level of human experience. One that embraces actual surviving, thriving and flourishing of humans in partnership with our environment.
The question: How can I advance what I truly care about?
Until Next Time,