Scale Your Impact As The Architect Of

The New System You Are Here To Be

Work with me individually over 6 or 12 months.


‘I’ve had a fantastic experience with Louise. She has a unique ability to read someone.

I’m amazed by her ability to “scan and feel” what’s going on and use that to bring insights that helped me look deeper, explore areas in my behaviour that were still unknown to me, and find points I could activate to achieve my next level of Leadership.

I’m truly thankful to have gone through this transforming experience. She really helped me in becoming a much better person, and a much better leader.’

Gustavo Zenaide, Vice President - Pet & Animal Wellbeing at Archer Daniels Midland



*A long time ago when I did my career change from being a lawyer, I remember reading a book that was pivotal for me.  It was called 'The Corporate Fool'.  It was about how in the court of the king, the fool played an essential role.  

*Through his jokes and songs, he was the only one who could tell the king the truth about what he was creating around him.  So that he could take ownership for what he was creating, see beyond his blind spots and where necessary reconsider the impact of his behaviour, actions and choices.  And from there create something new and better for himself and others.

*The book went on to explain how in the same way leaders needed someone around them with whom they can have real conversations.  A safe transformative space where they can explore what they are creating now and how to make new choices that serve them, their purpose and others better.

*For me that sums up the essence of what I do. I support you to answer the call to your own greatness. At its core is the premise that our commitment to our own transformation as leaders is the key to the evolution of our world.  

*Ultimately I am a mastermind partner. My style is a mixture of deep transformative coaching, sparing conversations to catalyse real growth and profound intuitive insights to alchemise you in the right way on your purpose-led leadership journey.

*It is about depth, real transformation and actualising your 'Creator Mode' - as that forward thinker, innovator, pioneer who is bringing through the fundamentally new ideas and thinking that we need next.   And from there creating a big impact and legacy that come from the difference you are actually here for.  

*So that rather than chasing just another shiny distraction or hiding out in the shadows - you create new and better things for yourself and the world around you. Things that feel aligned to what you are really about and what you are here to do. 

*I have been a coach for twenty two years.  I started coaching when no-one really knew what it was.  It turned into a healthy (I think!) obsession with all things transformation. Since then I have brought deep and extensive transformation at individual, group and organisational levels - not just from the illusory safety of theoretical concepts but by being fully embedded in the trenches making change.

*Particularly through my contribution in acceleration programmes for high potentials, change agents, intrapreneurs and social entrepreneurs.  Having been both a purpose-led intrapreneur and social entrepreneur.  Being brought in to lead and to save change.  And as part of the external coaching faculty of global organisations and incubators for purpose-led organisations.

*The starting point being my full and ongoing commitment to my own personal transformation and evolution. I see myself as an intrepid explorer, pathfinder and mapmaker. With my life being an intense laboratory - an in-depth experimentation of what it really means to live our purpose on this planet at this time.

*It would be my real pleasure to support you to create your next chapter and to scale your purpose-led impact. So that you can play your pivotal and vital role as the architect of the new system we need now.

Individual Coaching Packages start at CHF5,000 (+VAT for Swiss Residents).

For Group Coaching, see our Purpose-Led Journeys By Clicking Here.  Group Packages start at CHF2,500 (+VAT for Swiss Residents).



'I truly enjoyed working with Louise. She definitively walks the talk: she lives lovingly, does work that matters to her and stands for greatness.

At a time when everyone speaks about «
precision medicine », Louise is a pioneer in « precision coaching »!

She has the ability to take you through a unique journey where you make progress in the areas that are important to you, where you reflect on your own personal vision and above all you reconnect with
yourself and think differently.'

Irene Corthesy, Global Head of RD & CSO of Nestle Health Science - Now Partner at Skyviews Life Science