Positive Energy At Work:

The New Rules To Creating A Fulfilling Career

It Is Easy To Get Lost In The Chase For Success...

Constantly juggling demands, you keep pushing.  Always busy you keeping everything going. You thought that once you had the good career or your own business you would be happy.  
But instead of feeling fulfilled, you end up kind of exhausted.  And more like on a hamster wheel than an exciting journey.
What you would love is to really flourish in your work.
To do it in a way that feels more nourishing, fulfilling and rewarding.
To have the energy you need. To live up to your full potential.  To make more of a positive impact. 
You wish you could turn things around. But where do you start?
Beyond resilience training, what if it was time to 'do work' in a new way… 

What If We Were Doing Work The Wrong Way?

From a young age we are told that what matters is to be a good performer. To keep delivering the results - to set the bar higher and push through.
The focus is on driving, jumping, pleasing.  Initially so that you get the grades, into the right schools and to the top university.  And then to be chosen for the good job, the next promotion or the best bonus.  
But the problem is that you loose yourself that way.  You stop listening to yourself and end up feeling kind of empty.
To feel fulfilled in your work takes understanding your true potential and nurturing, contributing and communicating it in the right way.  
A big part of that is an inside job.  The shift comes when you shake off the ‘good soldier’, ‘good student’ or ‘good girl’ roles you have played until now. And instead take a real stand for your well-being, best contribution and the value of your voice.  
Instead of cracking the whip, it means you invest in your own flourishing - to really nurture your potential in the everyday and in the right way.  So that you can thrive.  

The New Rules Of Work

I give you the tools to create a new experience of work - where you hear yourself again, you know you real value and you have the courage to be true to yourself.  

So that you can feel inspired, contribute your true potential and become an agent of positive change.

Together we focus on what it is that really needs to change - which is how you relate to yourself, your work and other people.  I guide you to start investing in the things that matter and are going to make a real difference.

Practically, we explore together...

The 3 Rules of Positive Energy at Work:

Integrate Positive Habits, 

Create Create Work That Fuels

Become a Good Partner

To not just deliver, but also to make time for recovery.  To not only give, but to actually contribute your best.  To not simply please, but to constructively speak your truth.

Hi, I am Louise

I support leaders who are 'successful but feel that something is missing' become the inspiring transformation agents they are meant to be.  

I guide you to reclaim your true identity and bring your real potential to what you do.  So that you can feel energised, confident and inspired...make the world better...and pay the bills...   

I am a regular Facilitator on Acceleration Programmes and Retreats for high potential leaders, internal change agents and social entrepreneurs.  

I was recognised through the ICF Prism Award for outstanding coaching.

"'It takes a lot of verbal probing, a sprinkling of essential humour and a huge dollop of wisdom and patience to painfully grind out recognition of your own worthiness. I am constantly aware that somebody needs to find the key to unlock talent and potential and Louise has found a unique way of being my personal locksmith. "

Jo Terry
Head Of Documents and Design, Global Law Firm. Just retired and is now a Civil Celebrant and Writer.

What If It Is Time That You...

Be more in tune with yourself and know what is true for you. Contribute your best and love what you do. Feel heard and have what you say make an actual difference.

So what is the prize...

Imagine…that you are challenged and at the same time...

You take care of yourself in a way that is right for you and have the energy you need, you know your real potential and how to confidently add real value, you are able to get your point across and feel that your input is having a positive impact.

That is where we want to get to.  Is it possible?  Yes.  Is it easy? No.  Because it takes more than learning information. This is about real transformation and you will need to do the work.  What I say to people is that it is not an easy journey, but it is definitely worthwhile.

Positive Energy At Work Retreat And Group Coaching includes...

This group programme includes a Two Day Retreat in the Swiss Mountains, Online Group Coaching Calls and One Individual Coaching Session. I keep the groups to a maximum of 8 people - so that you can have individualised support.

Two Day Retreat

We meet for an intimate Two Retreat Days together.

The retreat will take place at my home in the beautiful Swiss mountains.  There we dig deep into what needs to evolve.


Group Coaching Calls

We will have 6 live Video Conference Calls.  

To make sure that you implement the insights you gained on the retreat.  The format will be 'hot seat' coaching.  


Individual Coaching

You will receive a One to One Coaching Session of 90 mins with me.

This is to support you in overcoming your specific challenges. It will take place by Video Conference.  


You will also receive...

7 Online Modules

You will have access to Online Modules that you can review in your own time.  Topics include:

Break The Stress Cycle, Manage Your Energy, Access Your True Potential, Build Your Confidence, Become Emotionally Intelligent, Navigate Change, Create A Supportive Environment.



Community Support

There will be a private group page on Facebook.  So that you can connect with each other during the course. 

You can also ask there questions in between our coaching calls.

Special Bonus

In addition to the above you will get this additional gift.

Relaxation Bundle

Have access to relaxations and visualisations.  To help you get back into a positive state in a short time.  And help you renew yourself.

"In our sessions, Louise guided me to the gifts with which I was born and patiently, gently and lovingly helped me to unwrap, understand and accept those gifts. I do not know how I would have made it this far on my journey without Louise's strength, empathy and positivity. I cannot thank her enough for helping me to bring hope, light and meaning back into my life."

Megan Turley
From Solicitor to Senior Art Valuations Manager

Our Journey Together

Reconnect To Yourself, Remember What You Are Here To Do And Embrace the Transformation Agent That You Are. So That You Can Create a More Rewarding Experience of Work.

This is what we will cover together:

During The Retreat...

  • Module 1: Redefine Success (to know what matters)

  • Module 2: Choose Positive Habits (to hear yourself again)

  • Module 3: Fill Up Your Energy Tanks (to invest in what is true)

  • Module 4: Understand Your Potential (to remember your value)


After The Retreat...

  • Call 1: Stand For Your Well-Being (to turn the tide)
  • Call 2: Energise Your Work (to do what you are here to do)

  • Call 3: Build Your Confidence (to show up as you)

  • Call 4: Have Real Conversations (to transform through your words)

  • Call 5: Inspire change (to create new possibilities)

  • Call 6: Upgrade Your Environment (to have support and thrive)


This is for you...

This is for leaders or aspiring leaders who want to take a close look at the way they work and go deep.

You are welcome whether you are from corporate, have your own company or are from the not for profit sector.  I have found that these principles apply across the board.  

Generally the people I tend to work with care about people, want to make a positive difference in the world - rather than just meet their targets.  And are looking for ways of doing all that and still pay the bills. 

Just know that what we will be doing together is ‘real work’.  So you need to be up for transformation - with all its highs and lows.  

I will challenge you.  Beyond setting new goals or learning new information, I will ask you to dig deep inside of yourself.  So that you can really change the way you relate to yourself, your work and others.

 This is not for you if you want a quick fix or don't really want to self-reflect.  It is also not for you if you only care about meeting your KPIs.  You need to want to go beyond all that.  

It is for you if you want to understand yourself a lot better, yearn to do things differently and are ready to alchemise a new emotional experience of work.

What the Programme Includes...

What is included:

  • Intimate In Person Two Day Group Retreat in the Swiss Mountains with Lunch on each day and refreshments (Max 8 Participants) - date of the retreat is 25th & 26th May, 2019.
  • 6 Online Group Coaching Calls
  • 1 x 90mins One To One Coaching Session via Zoom
  • 7 Online Modules to deepen your learning
  • Facebook Community for you to get ongoing support 
  • A Relaxation and Visualisation Bundle


What is not included:

  •  Accommodation, Dinner and Travel for the Retreat.  
  • My experience is different people thrive in different environments and have different rhythms.  So this is your opportunity to stay overnight in a place that suits you personally.  I also like to leave the evenings free.  As some people like to socialise whilst others prefer to take the time to reflect.  The workshop time will take place at my home.  And I live in a ski resort - so there is plenty of accommodation to choose from.
  • The venue is in Gryon - which is about 2 hours from Geneva.  It is easily accessible by public transport or car.


Investment:  CHF2,500 (+VAT at 7.7%)



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