The Positive Energy Leaders Academy

The Next Generation Leadership School To Create Fulfilling Purpose Aligned Work 
And To Become An Inspiring Agent Of Positive Transformation

'You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something

build a new model that makes the old model obsolete'.  

Buckminster Fuller

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The Academy is a place where leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents can learn how to make the impact they are here to make. So that they can meaningfully shape the new world that is emerging.
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You + The Academy = 

the purpose aligned leader you are meant to be.

Maybe you are :: at a career crossroads ... wondering what your true purpose is and how you could earn money doing it.  Asking yourself what you want to do next. 

Or maybe you are finding that you are :: lacking energy and are kind of burning out... and wish you could get re-energised and re-inspired in what you do..

Or maybe deep down :: you don't feel aligned in your work and... you want to start expressing more of your real potential and what really matters to you.

Wherever you are,

at The Positive Energy Leaders Academy :: we have you covered.

'If you feel like you don't fit into the world you inherited, it is because

you were born to help create a new one.'

Ross Caligiuri

At The Academy, we believe that...

Your Greatest Impact Comes From Touching The World With Your Unique Essence.

So we help you:


Inspired Human:  Reconnect To Yourself

Remember who you are and what you need to flourish. Understand your true purpose and what you are really here for. Get back to what really matters.  So that you can create a path that fits and inspires you.


Genuine Expert: Contribute Your True Value

Do what you are here to do and embody your innate potential.  From there craft and transition to work where you can express your real self.  That reflects what you are made for - in line with your calling, your strengths, your people and how you want to live. 


Evolution Agent: Speak Your Truth

Evolve the world by being you and become an inspiring leader of positive transformation.  Engage others in your vision and what you believe in.  Consciously guide meaningful concrete change.  Combine compassion, awareness and courage to positively impact the world in a way that feels worthwhile.


'We can't solve problems using

the same level of thinking we used to create them.'

Albert Einstein

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  • Feeling that you are expressing your full potential in what you do. 
  • Doing self-fuelling work that fits you - where you are energised and inspired.
  • Investing in what is important. Feeling aligned in yourself and knowing how to earn money from your purpose.
  • Being confident in your innate value.  And contributing what you are uniquely made for. 
  • Filling your days with projects and tasks that have a positive impact... and still being able to pay the bills.
  • Taking a stand for what you believe in and meaningfully advancing the things that matter to you.
  • Being able to communicate your ideas in the right way. So that you can inspire others to new possibilities and ways of doing things.
  • Concretely contributing to building the sustainable world of tomorrow where people, planet and life flourish and prosper.





 'Remember Who You Really Are, Do What You Are Here to Do And

Evolve The World Being You.'

Louise Le Gat

A Note From Louise...

We are at a pivotal moment in human history where we are called to bring new ways of living and working on this planet. Ways that are sustainable, regenerative and enable us all to flourish.

This means that more and more of us are facing pivotal moments of our own.  Wondering how to build fulfilling work that has a positive impact - where we don't have to choose between our well-being, our financial stability and what we believe in.   Whilst at the same time meaningfully contributing to this shift.

Twenty years ago after a major illness, I set off on a quest to live my purpose.  Since then I have tried most things - from doing a career change, being an internal change agent, taking a sabbatical, to embracing the laptop lifestyle so I could live in a ski resort, studying with shamans and creating my own positive impact business.

These days I am a Catalyst for the Next Generation of Leaders who are committed to creating a truly rich world - where people, planet and life prosper together. I serve as a mentor, guide and coach to corporate change agents, humanitarian actors and social entrepreneurs alike.  

For My Official Bio and Story Click Here


How will you bring the human that you are to what you do?'  

Louise Le Gat

Create Your Right Livelihood And Become

The Inspiring Leader Of Positive Transformation

You Are Meant To Be... by Aligning To...

Your Unique Purpose, Blueprint and Impact.

  • Unique Purpose: Nurture yourself in the right way.  Be inspired and feel aligned in what you do.  
  • Unique Blueprint: Craft your work from what your are made for. And express your full innate potential.
  • Unique Impact: Harness all that you are. And make a positive impact that feels worthwhile.

'I alone cannot change the world,

but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.'

Mother Teresa

What Is The

Positive Energy Leaders



Leaders need a sanctuary place... Especially those wanting to bring positive transformation in the world.  The Academy provides a safe learning, incubation and transformation space where you can align, grow and connect.

It is a One Year Programme - because that is what it takes to set solid new foundations.  


#1- The Course

At the core of the Academy is the Mastery Of The 12 Foundations of Positive Energy Leadership.  

This is a 12 Module Online Self-Coaching Transformation Process that guides you to evolve your work and your leadership to new levels of meaning, fulfilment and impact. It combines online learning, practices and self-guided reflection.  You don't just learn, you transform and grow.

#2- The Activations

The idea of the Academy, is to build new 'muscles'.  So that you tangibly evolve the way you relate to yourself and show up in the world. That is what makes the difference.  

We include over 40 different activations to keep you focused on the right things, aligned and on track.  You can access these easily on the go through our App.

#3- The Incubator

A big part of the Academy is deepening into what is true for you, creating in alignment with your purpose and learning to show up differently to positively impact the things you care about.  It is worthwhile but not always easy.

To help you with the blocks that come up along the way, we have a monthly group call where you can ask questions, receive guidance and get some laser coaching from Louise.  

There is also a monthly focus with extra guidance to support you in your transformation.

#4- The Circle

Change is easier with friends.  The Academy is also a community of leaders who are all committed to building a better tomorrow - while fulfilling their potential and enjoying the ride :)

To foster that community, we have 9 facilitated circle calls - where you can exchange and connect with others.  And there is also an online community space.

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What If You Were

The Missing Piece?

'Never doubt that a group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.' Margaret Mead

We believe that we are at a pivotal moment in human history.  And that we have 10 years to make the shift.  

Ten years to bring radically new ways of living, working and doing business on this planet - that are sustainable, regenerative and enable people, planet and life to flourish and prosper together.

It is up to the leaders of today to start creating that new world of tomorrow.

If we are not going to live our purpose now, then what is the point? If not now, then when?

We hope you join us...

'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.'

Eleanor Roosevelt

Take A Look Inside The Academy

The One Year Membership includes...


The Course and Activations.

A Starter and 12 Online Self Coaching Transformation Modules.  

Over 40 Activations to keep you aligned to your purpose and true impact as a leader.


The Calls

One Q&A Call every month where you can ask questions and get some coaching.

A Guided Circle Call x 9 times a year where you can share and exchange with others on the same journey.


The Monthly Focus

Every month we focus on a specific Theme to give you extra Transformation Support in that area.


The Community Space

A Private Online Community to connect and share in between calls.

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How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • You have been busy ticking the boxes of external success.  But deep down you feel like something is missing.  
  • You see what is going on in the world.  You yearn for more aligned purpose and impact.
  • You are willing to grow and do the inner work it takes to create something true, sustainable and that lasts.  
  • You want to go deep and explore the meaning of your life.  As well as your place within this greater universe.
  • This also works if you are already well on your positive impact journey.  But you are ending up exhausted, empty and burnt out.   And you would like to feel more aligned to yourself and work in a more sustainable way.   

Not for you if:

  • You are looking for a traditional approach to career management and leadership development.
  • You are mainly needing the 'tactical' aspects of career change such as CV writing or how to use LinkedIn. Or of business, such as how to set up a company.
  • You are not open to growing and transforming yourself to create new outcomes.
  • You are not open spiritually to partnering with the greater energy of life.
  • You are not interested in contributing to the shift to more sustainable and empowering ways of living and working on the planet.
I'm Ready

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Gustavo Zenaide

Director of Strategic Planning at Purina North America

‘I’ve had a fantastic experience with Louise. She has a unique ability to read someone.

I’m amazed by her ability to “scan and feel” what’s going on and use that to bring insights that helped me look deeper, explore areas in my behaviour that were still unknown to me, and find points I could activate to achieve my next level of Leadership.

I’m truly thankful to have gone through this transforming experience. She really helped me in becoming a much better person, and a much better leader.’

Robert Paquin

Head of NCE College, Nestle - now just retired

I hired Louise to help develop our young and future leaders in resilience, emotional intelligence and leading change. She opens up so many new ways of thinking through her coaching and ability to integrate the head, heart and strong intuition.

My personal experience has been one that will last a lifetime. She has been more than a coach but has helped me become a true transformation agent.

Louise has known exactly how and when to apply coaching and mentoring. So that I could change to become a leader I can be proud of. I would hire Louise again and again as I truly believe in her ability to inspire new possibilities and bring lasting transformation.’

Irene Corthesy

Global Head of RD & CSO of Nestle Health Science - Now Partner at Skyviews Life Science

'I truly enjoyed working with Louise. She definitively walks the talk: she lives lovingly, does work that matters to her and stands for greatness.

At a time when everyone speaks about «
precision medicine », Louise is a pioneer in « precision coaching »!

She has the ability to take you through a unique journey where you make progress in the areas that are important to you, where you reflect on your own personal vision and above all you reconnect with
yourself and think differently.

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We Hope You Decide To Join Us...

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The Investment Is

CHF2,500 (+VAT)

One time payment

  • For a One Year Membership To The Academy
  • Including all Modules, Activations And Calls - as well as the Community
  • Access through our App as well as on Desktop



Here's What Others Are Saying...

Anne Joffre

Senior Director - Brand Building Integrated Communications (Equality & Inclusion /Home Care)

Louise is a wonderful, compassionate, optimistic and highly skilled coach.

She will help you see yourself beyond the roadblocks you’ve know forever and the personal self you had forgotten.

So that you can identify with confidence and optimism strategies and action plans to reconnect with who you are and what you truly want to do.

Yvonne Vrba

Business Transformation Manager & Design Thinking Coach

'Louise has a truly unique way of coaching that takes you on a journey deep inside you.

She has the ability to see beyond the obvious and helps you uncover parts of your true self that were hidden or you did not even remember existed.

Gentle, patient, encouraging while also being firm and challenging, all by creating an environment of trust and openness to go deeper each time.

Louise's coaching has helped me to become a healthier, happier and more fulfilled person. As well as giving me the confidence to really step up as a leader and become a more conscious transformation agent.

Megan Turley

Legal Consultant, Allen & Overy LLP

In our sessions, Louise guided me to the gifts with which I was born and patiently, gently and lovingly helped me to unwrap, understand and accept those gifts.

I do not know how I would have made it this far on my journey without Louise's strength, empathy and positivity. I cannot thank her enough for helping me to bring hope, light and meaning back into my life.

Commonly Asked

The Positive Energy Leaders Academy

The Next Generation Career And Leadership School To Create Fulfilling Meaningful Work
And Become The Inspiring Leader of Positive Transformation You Are Meant To Be
By Aligning To Your Unique Purpose, Blueprint and Impact.