The Pathways

To Create Your Next Chapter In The New System.

*As a purpose-led leader, you embark on an adventure as an inspirational and transformational leader of the new system.  Ultimately as an intrapreneur, a social entrepreneur or a new humanitarian.  That means not just talking about making a difference - but creating that new role or business, actually showing up in it in the right way and bringing real tangible concrete change.
*The new system is still something that we are building together.  It is not set.  It is emerging.  We are literally building the plane as we are flying it.  The good news is that it means that we can be the ones to define it. In that sense it is a unique opportunity to direct your unique potential in a meaningful way for fundamental impact.  
*But for that you need to not just wish to do good.  But to actually tangibly keep stepping up to new levels of expression, contribution and leadership.  So that you can be that way-shower who evolves the existing structures and builds the new ways of doing things.
*That is why in the journeys we guide you to turn on what we call your 'Creator Mode'.   So that you can incubate your next chapters - based on what you are meant to be creating next. And actually get the specific help you need to download the right vision, grow yourself and then make it real.
*Here we integrate not only training, but group coaching to catalyse you into doing what you are here to do at this time. 


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'To know what your purpose is, visit yourself often'

Louise Le Gat

*The journeys are based on our proprietary Purpose-Led Roadmap. It mirrors that there are different stages to this purpose-led leader adventure.
*That is because although we yearn for full unique expression in our lives, our work and our leadership. Having that impact in practice is something that we build over time and in cycles - by embodying it in ourselves, channeling it towards a tangible value proposition and then sharing it in the world using the right presence, focus and words.
*Each stage asks for a specific transformation of our inner landscape - so that we can become the leaders that are able to create what we want to create next. That is why each one is a separate purpose-led journey:
**The Lighthouse Path
**The Mapmaker Path
**The Architect Path
*This is the piece that most of us usually miss when we try to actually build our next chapter. We focus only on objectives and linear plans - whilst here we partner with you to deeply up-level yourself to deliver on your unique vision for impact.

'Louise has a truly unique way of coaching that takes you on a journey deep inside you.

She has the ability to see beyond the obvious and helps you uncover parts of your true self that were hidden or you did not even remember existed.

Gentle, patient, encouraging while also being firm and challenging, all by creating an environment of trust and openness to go deeper each time.

Louise's coaching has helped me to become a healthier, happier and more fulfilled person. As well as giving me the confidence to really step up as a leader and become a conscious transformation agent.'

Yvonne Vrba, Head of IT Governance & Transformation Change, Bobst



Here are the different stages of purpose.  Which stage resonates with you the most?


STAGE 1: The Lighthouse Path - Make The Transition
'Become that focal point of light that others navigate by.'  
Make an initial shift by transitioning your existing expertise to the new system. The focus here is to BE ALIGNED in your work.  The symptoms are that you have been working in the old system up until now. But that you now feel increasingly out of synch with it and are losing your inspiration.  It all seems quite pointless. You are wondering what your purpose is and what you should be doing next.  You want to have a positive impact. But you are not sure how or what your right next step is.
You want to get clear on what you want to do, the path there and start feeling that you are making a real difference.  What you are being called to is to find your place in this new world.  At this stage it means contributing what you already know and love - in a way that is both much more in line with your unique potential and advances the new system.
STAGE 2: The Mapmaker Path - Carve New Pathways
'We can't use old maps to create a new world'
This is for those of you who are already playing in the new system. And have been working in some kind of purpose-led way. You are now being called to a new level of unique expression in what you do. To offer something that probably doesn't exist yet - using your intended potential to add value in a unique, novel and way showing way.  The key being to STAND OUT at a meaningful level.  
The symptoms are that you have been coasting and you are stuck in a comfort zone you have outgrown. It often manifests as any of exhaustion, lack of motivation and feeling burnt out. Or that it seems that whatever you do, things have come to a standstill. The issue is that you have got yourself stuck in a box of your own making that is too small. And that you are being called to fully unleash your creative and entrepreneurial spirit - through a new unique value proposition.  As well as your authentic voice through your bold thought leadership.
STAGE 3: The Architect Path - Leave Your Imprint
'The cavalry is not coming.  We are the cavalry'
This stage is about building something profound that fundamental shifts your industry.  It asks that you make real that unique vision that serves what you want to be most remembered for.  The key is to MAKE YOUR MARK in a way that fundamentally up-levels the system and is long lasting.  
The symptoms are that you feel called to a much greater form of leadership. It's not about the money anymore. It is about building structures, frameworks and blueprints that serve the evolution of society as a whole and will stand the test of time.

'Never doubt that a group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.' 

Margaret Mead


The Purpose-Led Journeys are small group coaching incubators - with a maximum of 8 participants.  So that you can get extra transformation support and guidance.
They include bi-weekly group coaching sessions, a private online community as well as access to both The Gathering and The Haven.  
From CHF2,500 (+VAT for Swiss Residents)
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'If you want to go far, you need to go deep .'

Victoria Hurth, Technical Author BSI Purpose Driven Organisation Standards