'Louise Le Gat IS positive energy personified.  With a full and present heart, Louise brings her gifts to the stage in a highly memorable and deeply impactful way. Powerful, calm and inspiring, you will be moved, you will be touched and transformation will begin.'  

Linda Stuart


I am happy to contribute to meaningful conversations at your events, partner on impactful programmes and bring new inspiration to your retreats.  You can also join our public Masterclasses which we run regularly online.

My focus is on becoming a Positive Energy Leader who makes the impact you are made for at this pivotal time. 

The essence of my work is captured in my Masterclass 'The Positive Energy Leaders' Roadmap:  A New Path To Making The Impact You Are Made For'.  

Masterclass Description:

We are facing unprecedented times - a pivotal moment where we are being called to upgrade the operating system on the planet.  Many of us want to contribute and have a positive impact at this time.  But we don't always know how to orient ourselves, our work or our leadership in the right way to do that.  So that we can act for the new world we want to see in a way that is fulfilling, meaningful and makes a real difference.
In this inspiring talk, we will explore what it takes to make the impact you are made for at this pivotal time.  Specifically we will dig deeper into:
  • Personal Purpose: The 3 new rules of purpose and how to access yours at this point
  • Future Fit Work: The 3 foundations to actualise what you are here to do at this time
  • Next Generation Leadership: The 3 core shifts to become the positive impact leader you need to be now

You can experience the Masterclass in different ways. 

Either join one of our public events.  By signing up to the waitlist below.

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Follow the Links below to learn more about events, podcasts and programmes I have been involved in in the past.  To give you inspiration as to the unique contribution I can make and how we can best partner.

Keynotes And Programmes

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Team Retreats

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Accelerate 2030 Programme

Strategic Advisor and Creator of The Groundbreaking 'Sustainable You' Pillar For Accelerate 2030. Where we dive deeply into the concept of scaling yourself to scale your impact.  

 Accelerate 2030 is the world's largest programme supporting social entrepreneurs from developing and emerging markets to scale their solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals - working alongside the United Nations (UNDP), The Swiss Development Agency, BCG, Pfizer and The Impact Hub.

The Impact Hub Geneva 

Creator of and Faculty on the Intrapreneurship Academy for the Next Generation Leadership Pillar.

Facilitator on the Impact Hub Summerpreneur Programme for emerging social entrepreneurs. Creator of the 3 Part Module on Being Inspired At Work.

The Impact Hub is one of the world’s largest networks focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale — home to the innovators, the dreamers and the entrepreneurs who are creating tangible solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.


Faculty on Nestle's Performance Acceleration Programme for High Potentials and their NCE College for Internal Change Agents focusing on Inspirational And Transformational Leadership.

Led large events on 'Resilience For Change Makers' and workshops on 'Navigating Change' for their wider change making teams.


Faculty on the Leadership For Sustainability Transition focusing on Self Leadership, Inner Transformation And Transformative Communication For Impact Leaders.

The programme is a 10-days intensive experience into becoming a more resilient and effective agent of sustainable transition. We train both the hard and soft skills equipping you with tools and mythologies to consciously navigate and master local as well as national and international dynamics of change. 

The Swiss Mission during Davos 2020

Spoke at the House Of Switzerland's event on 'Today's Action, Tomorrow's World'.  

Focusing on how Visionaries, Innovators and Disruptors can best elevate their potential and leadership to meet this pivotal moment in human history we are facing. 

The WIN Conference

Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator - reinvited regularly.  Topics include 'Becoming A Positive Energy Leader:  Making The Impact You Are Here To Make At This Pivotal Moment On The Planet' and ‘Being A Next Generation Leader And Evolving The World Being You'.  

WIN is focused on developing conscious inspired women leaders who run businesses and organizations with purpose, create careers with meaning and pioneer a world that works for all. 

The Good Festival

Workshop on ‘A New Approach To Creating Meaningful Work’.  

Thanks to the City of Lausanne, State of Vaud, MySwitzerland and Swissnex - GoodFestival is the world’s biggest celebration of sustainable innovation.

The Global Fund

Talk on ‘Saving The World Without Burning Out’ for International Women's Day. And led ongoing workshops on Stress and Energy Management and Navigating Career Transitions. 

The Global Fund is a partnership designed to accelerate the end of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as epidemics. As an international organization, the Global Fund mobilizes and invests more than US$4 billion a year to support programs run by local experts in more than 100 countries. 

IMD Business School

Talk on 'The Positive Energy Leader: In Search Of True Success'.

IMD is a premier independent academic institution based in Switzerland that develops leaders and is regularly ranked #1 by The Financial Times for its Open Executive Education Programmes.

'The IMD MBA'14 class had the opportunity to enjoy Louise's positive and inspiring message. With a practical approach supported by her personal experience, we were able to start digging for our peak moments and our meaning in life.  Louise, thank you so much for sharing your gift with us!' 

Juan Jimenez Criado, IMD Business School MBA'14 



*UNIGE Online Event on 'Positive Energy Leaders: A New Path To Making The Impact You Are Made For At This Pivotal Time' with the University of Geneva.

*The Circular Economy Incubator Switzerland on 'The Positive Energy Leader's Roadmap: Master The Art Of Purpose Leadership And Make The Impact You Are Made For At This Pivotal Time'

*Emirates Airlines Online Event on 'Igniting The Spirit Of Intrapreneurship'

*Online Event And Podcast - with Mia Jafari from The Intelak Emirates Airlines Incubator on 'Building Inner and Outer Ecosystems for Purpose-Led Entrepreneurship' with Roberto Croci, Managing Director for Microsoft for Startups MEA.  And a separate Podcast Episode on 'The Art Of Alignment'.

* Industrial Services Of Geneva (SIG) - Online Workshop on 'Next Generation Leadership And Innovation'.  And how to catalyse their teams in the right way to meet their social impact  and environmental commitments. SIG is responsible for the distribution of drinking water, gas, electricity and heat throughout the Geneva canton. 

 *The Impact Hub Geneva - Online Keynote on 'Leading In Uncertain Times' (during Covid 19) 

*Woman Within International Leadership Series And Global Leadership Council Online Event on 'Pivotal Moments:  Awaken To your Real Purpose And Your True Leadership' And 'Stepping Up To Your Purpose And Leadership At This Pivotal Time'. Woman Within is a global community of over 16,000 women dedicated to learning how to be the best they can be.  And supporting each other to live the lives they want.

*Quantum Identity Podcast With Francis Rodino on 'From Near Death To Building Tomorrow's Leaders And Living With No Regrets'.

*The I'm Loving Me Project on 'Cultivating Meaningful Leadership'.


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'Amazing!  I was so connected and engaged the whole presentation. Louise has great presence and such quiet elegance.   I could so relate to her story of regret and she challenged me to do more and be more, so that I too can honestly say I have no regrets!' 

Cori Cooper  



*Accelerate 2030 Led their flagship Retreat on 'Sustainable You' - based on the idea of scaling yourself to scale your impact.  We covered topics such as 'Energy Management For Impact Leaders', 'Creating Self-Fuelling Work That Is On Purpose' and 'Becoming Inspiring Leaders Of Positive Transformation'.

 *Nestle - Led 10 day Retreats with follow up coaching for senior executives and internal change agents on  'Inspirational And Transformational Leadership'.

*Nespresso - Led Retreats for the Management Team and the HR Team on 'Energy Management and Future Visioning'.  With a specific focus on their positive impact aspirations.

*Adobe - Led Team Retreats on 'Navigating Change And Creating A New Future'  for teams stuck in the process of change.  And to specifically remedy difficulties in integrating innovative start-ups into a large corporate after buy-out.

*Intelak Incubator Led a Retreat and a Follow Up Online Workshop on 'Resilience, Success and Purpose'.  Intelak, based out of Dubai, is an ecosystem dedicated to bringing the latest aviation, travel and tourism solutions to the region.  Key partners are The Emirates Group, Dubai Tourism, Accenture And Microsoft.  


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