An Online School For (would be) Visionaries, Disruptors and Change Makers To Craft Fulfilling Meaningful Work That Has A Positive Impact.

'You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something build a new model that makes the old model obsolete'.  

Buckminster Fuller

It Is Time To Gather...

'Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world' Roald Dahl

We are at an unprecedented time in human history.  The moment where we are called to make a massive shift.  Our survival may even be at stake.  We are at the point where we can choose to live more sustainably… or not… 
It is becoming clear that many of our existing leaders are dragging their feet.  They appear more invested in maintaining the status quo than creating new foundations.
That’s ok… change is not always easy to embrace.  What it means though is that we need new leaders to emerge…  
These are the (would be) Disruptors, Innovators and Visionaries… the misfits and kind of ‘crazy ones’… who think outside the box... who are here to evolve things… to lead the way… courageous enough to create new ways of living and working on this planet.

Are You Successful, But Feel That Something Is Missing?

 This is for you if any one of these or more resonates...
  • You have been busy ticking the boxes of external success.  Just doing the best you can to get the grades, build a career, get the promotion, make a decent living and pay the bills.  But deep down something feels like it is missing.  You feel called to something more.
  • You see what is going on in the world and you know things need to change.  You wonder what your place in all of it is. You feel kind of lost, powerless and hopeless watching it all unfold.  You regularly ask yourself: ’What is my purpose?'
  • Any of:
    • You are at the beginning of your work journey and you want to create something fulfilling that makes a difference from the start.
    • You think about doing a career change or setting up your own business.  But it feels hard and a big step.  And you are not sure what you would do anyway.
    • You are doing work that is meaningful.  But you are ending up feeling exhausted, empty and burnt out.   Being a change maker is taking its toll.
  • You have always felt like a bit of a misfit - that somehow however hard you tried to get the grades, the right degree, the good job... you never quite fitted into the existing system.
  • You feel alone with it all. And you would love to be around others like you.


What You Want Is...

 To feel fulfilled
 To do something meaningful
 To have a positive impact
 To connect to others like you
 and to still pay the bills and enjoy your life. 
Here is how we help you do that.

What Is The Positive Energy Academy?

It is the Online School that catalyses leaders to become the Visionaries, Disruptors and Change Makers who will build the sustainable world of tomorrow.

It is a Sanctuary, an Incubator and a Community where you craft your fulfilling, meaningful work that has a positive impact.  Together we help you:

  • Remember what you are here to do...
  • Transition to your new work… 
  • Make a positive difference in the world...
We create together the right vehicle for your unique impact.  This can mean helping you find your next career step or incubate your new business.  Often it means staying where you are, showing up in a new way and taking a stand for what matters.  
More importantly it is about helping you make the internal shift that will lead you to:
  • Feel inspired in what you do,
  • Add meaningful value people will pay for and
  • Become the transformation agent you can be.  
That's because... I believe that your greatest impact comes from touching the world with your unique presence.
So I support you to find, align to and really show up from that place.  Instead of missing in action, you reconnect to who you are, align to your potential and speak your truth. That is when everything falls into place.
It is probably the hardest thing you will ever do.  It is also the most worthwhile.

What If You Were The Missing Piece?

'Never doubt that a group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.' Margaret Mead

I believe we have 10 years to make the shift.  Ten years to bring radically new ways of living, working and doing business on this planet.
If you are not going to live your purpose now, then what is the point? If not now, then when?
So the question is … do you want to keep maintaining the status quo … or step into the transition team that will create a more sustainable world where we all flourish?

How It Works...

The Academy is a year's programme - because that is what it takes to make real shifts.  It is a mixture of…

  • Teaching and Self-Reflection through 12 Online Modules
  • Monthly Live Questions and Answers Session to help you transform
  • Monthly Online Positive Energy Circle so that you have a community of like minded people you can get support from and brainstorm with

"I am constantly aware that somebody needs to unlock talent and potential and Louise has found a unique way of being my personal locksmith."

Jo Terry
Head of Documents and Design, Global Law Firm

"Louise is a wonderful, compassionate, optimistic and highly skilled coach. She will help you see yourself beyond the roadblocks you’ve know forever and the personal self you had forgotten. So that you can identify with confidence and optimism strategies and action plans to reconnect with who you are and what you truly want to do. "

Anne Bonnaillie
Associate Director- Brand Building & Integrated Communication, Proctor & Gamble

What Is Included...

Practically… you get membership of The Positive Energy Academy for a year.  

As soon as you sign up you will have access to a Starter Module.  

And then each month you will get:

  • One new Online Module (12 Online Modules in total)
  • One Group Q&A Session with Louise where you have the opportunity to get support. (via Zoom)
  • One Positive Energy Circle session where you can share and mastermind with others in the community. (via Zoom)
  • Access to our online Community Space where you can ask questions and connect with others at any time.

Bonus: Regular Live and Pre-Recorded Mini-Workshops and Challenges where I answer questions posted in the Community Space.  And I focus on specific concepts within the Academy to help you navigate them quicker and make sure you take action.

Investment: $1,499 (+VAT for Swiss Residents).  



"‘I’ve had a fantastic experience with Louise. She has a unique ability to read someone, find the points that need improving, and then gently start poking them so that we get into action and start addressing them. I’m amazed by her ability to “scan and feel” what’s going on and use that to bring insights that helped me look deeper, explore areas in my behaviour that were still unknown to me, and find points I could activate to achieve my next level of Leadership. I’m truly thankful to have gone through this transforming experience. She really helped me in becoming a much better person, and a much better leader.’"

Gustavo Zenaide
Head of Lean Initiatives, Nestle

"In our sessions, Louise guided me to the gifts with which I was born and patiently, gently and lovingly helped me to unwrap, understand and accept those gifts. I do not know how I would have made it this far on my journey without Louise's strength, empathy and positivity. I cannot thank her enough for helping me to bring hope, light and meaning back into my life."

Megan Turley
Solicitor, Allen & Overy LLP

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