Do You Know What Your Purpose Is Now?

We are facing unprecedented times - a pivotal moment where we are being called to upgrade the operating system on the planet.  This means a massive shift in the way we live, we work and we lead. So that we can integrate for profit, for good and for impact - founded on a new paradigm that enables genuine flourishing together.
For many of us it is triggering a pivotal moment of our own - where we feel out of synch with the existing system and called to a new level of purpose, potential and impact.  Specifically wondering what we are meant to be doing now
In this inspiring class, we will explore what it takes for us to be purpose-led leaders at this key transition time.  So that instead of sustaining a status quo which is passed its sell-buy date.  We can act for the world we want to see next.
Specifically, we will dig deeper into:
- Personal Purpose: What it actually means to live your purpose on this planet at this time
- Future Fit Work: What it takes to channel that purpose into the kind of work we need now
- Next Generation Leadership: What is involved in catalysing the new system that is to come next
The Purpose-Led Roadmap:
The Three Pillars To Navigate Your Pivotal Moment And Actualise Your Purpose At This Time On The Planet.

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