Successful, But Something Missing

'Louise positively inspires the leader of tomorrow to show up and make the difference in the world they were born to make.' Amy Roscoe

You have been working hard.  Doing the things that seemed right.  Ticking the right boxes of external success.  You thought you would end up fulfilled.  But that is not how it worked out.  Something feels like it is missing.  You just can't quite put your finger on what.  

Deep down, you have never felt you completely fitted into the existing way of doing things. You yearn for something more compassionate, sustainable and on purpose for yourself, your work and the world. 

You are experiencing a Career Pivotal Moment. This is your wake up call.  It is calling you back to the right adventure.  Every lost adventurer needs a guide.



Purpose. Meaning. Unique Impact.

Remember Who You Are.  Do What You Are Here To Do. Evolve The World Being You.

Hi, I am Louise.  I guide you to align to your purpose, create meaning at work and become the Next Generation Leader you are meant to be.

I do that by helping you take charge of your own career and leadership in a new way.  So that you create fulfilling meaningful work and become an inspiring leader of positive transformation - based on your unique blueprint.

We are at a pivotal moment in human history where we are being called to fundamentally shift our ways.  The challenge is that most of us are experts at sustaining the status quo. Not at evolving it.  

Meaning and positive impact take radical self-leadership.  You have to move beyond being the good soldier perfect at meeting soulless performance targets. Your greatest impact comes from touching the world with your unique presence.  That means understanding not just what you can do, but what you are made for. So that you can bring yourself fully to what you do.

In essence, I help you reconnect to yourself, align to what matters and take real charge of the difference you make.  To bring your whole potential to what you do, to show up and keep stepping up.  So that you can feel fulfilled and contribute from your full inspiration, mission and humanity.  And that you can become the positive energy leader you can be.

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Pivotal Moments are wake up calls to purpose.  Watch my talk on what they are really about, how to navigate them and align to what you are here for.

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The Positive Energy Academy is a Course, an Incubator and a Community.  There we create together your fulfilling, meaningful work based on your unique impact

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