Positive Energy Leaders is a unique approach to equip you for purpose-led living, working and leading at this pivotal moment - by integrating personal purpose, future-fit work and next generation leadership.


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When we are being called to upgrade the operating system on the planet.  

This is an unprecedented time in human history when we are being shaken to our core - confronted with how what we have been doing is not working.  

Ultimately, we are at a choice point.  Do we keep going on the extinction march we are on - or do we create new ways of living, working and leading that are sustainable, regenerative and enable us all to flourish together?

This isn't some small tweak - where we can maintain the status quo and add a bit of innovation.  We are being challenged to make a fundamental upgrade and to transition to a new system. 


For many of us, this is triggering a pivotal moment of our own.

This is when we feel increasingly uninspired by, unmotivated in and out of synch with the existing system and way of doing things.  

We start asking deeper questions about ourselves, our life, our work and what we are doing with it all.  The Great Resignation anyone?

That is because each one of us is an essential piece of this jigsaw. And we each have a unique part to play at this time.  It is inviting us to find our place in it all - by contributing our real potential to the shift in a meaningful way.


'Louise positively inspires the leaders of tomorrow to show up and make the difference in the world they were born to make.'

At Positive Energy Leaders, we believe that you are here for a specific purpose.  And that your greatest impact comes from evolving the world being uniquely yourself.  So we use our own proprietary approach - to enable you to remember who you are, do what you are here to do and make that difference only you can make now.

We guide you to positively contribute to the current shift and to accelerate it - in a way that is fulfilling, meaningful, makes a real impact and pays the bills.  This by being either an intrapreneur or a social entrepreneur.

We help you at the different stages of the journey - through our masterclasses, incubator and coaching journeys:

**To Start: If you are feeling lost and are not sure what to do, we guide you to get clear on what you want to do next and what is the right path for you there.

**To Keep Going: If you are a change agent but are getting exhausted by the resistance, we support you to effect real change you care about without burning out.

***To Scale Up: If you are already having an impact but want to play a bigger game, we help you grow as a leader.  So that you can step into your next level of aligned impact - without sabotaging yourself or ending up doing something you don't really want to do.


Watch Louise speak with Anita Casanila on her visionary show EARTH 2.0 about how everyone can make a difference now and the three steps to becoming a Positive Energy Leader.  



'You Can't Use Old Maps To Build A New World'

Take Your Place In This New Reality. 

Our Programmes Guide You To Create Your Inspiring Next Chapter And Make The Impact You Are Made For At This Pivotal Time.


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The 'Time of Lighthouses'
Inspire: Orient Yourself

This is for you if you are experiencing being thrown off course by what is going on in the world.  And are wondering how to navigate the storms we are in. 

The Time of Lighthouses is here to support you to stop reacting from stress, anger and powerlessness to current external circumstances. And for you to instead stay energised, calm and creative during this current very bumpy ending of an old system that is no longer fit for purpose.  Because that is actually what we need from you now.  

It is a place to break out of the chaos, get recentered in your own wisdom and focus on creating the better future you can.

A stand for possibility - where you can orient yourself consciously in this new reality as it emerges.  

This may feel like the end of the world.  But it doesn't have to be. 

It provides a mix of inspiring videos, messages, visualisations and self-reflection questions - as well as our monthly The Gathering  calls.    

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The 'Haven' Incubator
Transform: Get On Mission

This is for you if you are wondering how to contribute to the shift in a way that is fulfilling, meaningful and pays the bills.  

We guide you to get clear on and build a bridge to what you are meant to be doing now in this new reality.  

We do that using our proprietary Positive Energy Leader's Roadmap, based on the 3 pillars of:

1. Accessing your Personal Purpose

2. Crafting your Future Fit Work

3. Up-Leveling your Next Generation Leadership.

So that you can, not only know what you actually want to do next, but also make the transition and tangibly create it.

Haven includes both online lessons and group coaching.  There is also an option to add individual coaching.

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The 'Called' Deep Dive
Expand: Step Up Your Legacy

This is for you if you are already contributing to the shift through your work and leadership.  And you want support to go to your next level  of impact - by accelerating it or playing a bigger game.

Let's be honest being a leader trying to build a new world is not easy - especially in the face of so much uncertainty and resistance.  So we work together on a one to one basis to make sure you get the exact support you need.  

This is part personal sounding board, part individual coaching and part laser focused mentoring. 

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'Twenty two years ago I experienced my own pivotal moment.  That is when I started an experiment to live aligned to my purpose and to make the impact I am here to make.  

I found that leading transformation, guiding transitions to meaningful work and catalysing leaders to a new level of impact was my thing. 13 years ago I started to apply that specifically to the sustainability field.

In these pivotal times, I believe  that we are all being called to our own positive energy adventure.  And to show up to contribute to the shift with our unique piece of the jigsaw.  

Our survival as a human race and the future of our children is at stake.'  I hope you will join us.

Louise Le Gat

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 It Is Not An Easy Journey. But It Is So Worthwhile.  

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