Are You At A Career Pivotal Moment?

You are successful, but feel that something is missing... Then you may be at a Career Pivotal Moment... Let me help you get inspired, align to your real purpose and step into your true leadership...

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What Is A Career Pivotal Moment?

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This Is Your Wake Up Call

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Are You the Missing Piece?

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'Louise positively inspires the leader of tomorrow to show up and make the difference in the world they were born to make.
After hearing Louise I am inspired to start living the life I was born to live.'

Amy Roscoe, Author of 'Be Your Own Super Hero'

Become A Positive Energy Leader: 

'Remember Who You Really. Do What You Are Truly Here To Do.  Make The Difference Only You Can Make.'


You have been working hard.  Doing the things that seemed right.  

Ticking the right boxes of external success.  You thought you would end up fulfilled.  

But it didn't work out that way.  You have this nagging feeling that something is missing.

You start to ask yourself -  'This can't be it.  There must be more to life.' 

You want to have more energy. Create work that matters.  Feel like you are making a real contribution.

You are experiencing a Career Pivotal Moment. You have lost yourself in the chase for success. And what is missing is... YOU

You have been trained for performance. But it's not enough.

This Pivotal Moment is your wake up call.
 It is calling you back to the right adventure...
It is inviting you to

Reconnect To Yourself, Create Your Meaningful Work And Evolve The World Being You.

 Every lost adventurer needs a guide.

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Successful, But Something Missing...


My pivotal moment was 18 years ago.  I was at the time an international  lawyer and mediator in the City of London.  I had been busy ticking the right boxes of success.  The right career, salary, house, car and even the right lawyer boyfriend.  

But deep down I had this nagging feeling that something was missing.
I didn't know what.  I kept trying to push the nagging feeling down. Hoping it would go away.

Luckily, my whole world came crashing down on 10th December, 1999.


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