Do You Know What Your Purpose Is Now?

We are facing unprecedented times - a pivotal moment where we are being called to upgrade the operating system on the planet.  This means a massive shift in the way we live, we work and we lead. So that we can integrate for profit and for impact - founded on a new economy that supports people, planet and prosperity.
For many of us it is triggering a pivotal moment of our own - where we feel out of synch with the existing system and called to a new chapter.  Specifically wondering what our purpose is now
In this inspiring class, we will explore what it takes for you to have purpose-led work and to be the inspiring agent of positive transformation you are made to be - in this new world that is emerging.

Specifically, we will dig deeper into:

  • The 3 Shifts of Personal Purpose: What it actually means to live your purpose on this planet at this time
  • The 3 Elements of Future Fit Work: What it takes to actualise that purpose into the kind of work we need now
  • The 3 Pillars of Next Generation Leadership: What is involved in becoming a catalyst for the new system that is to come next

The Roadmap Masterclass:  

The New Rules Of Purpose

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