Positive Energy At Work: Break The Busyness Cycle And Create Real Success

Reenergise, Reconnect and Get Reinspired

Fuel Resilience, Energy and Fulfilment at Work by focusing on 4 areas...

We often loose ourselves in the chase for success.  Trying to juggle work and home, stress becomes our baseline note.  Beyond work-life balance, the real key is to find inner alignment. But for that you have to hear again what you really need to thrive and flourish.

In this 4 part workshop, you first explore the real message of stress.  Then you consciously reinvent your way of working. So that you can nurture and express your real potential.

Let me guide you to approach work in a new way and start an upward spiral.  Together, we:

  1. Define what real success is for you – to make the right choices
  2. Integrate Positive Energy Habits – to break the stress cycle
  3. Consciously fill up your Energy Tanks – to really thrive and flourish
  4. Create Self-Fuelling Work – to fulfil your real potential


To read a blogpost on how I approach this click here 


Online programme - COMING IN THE NEW YEAR

Corporations - CONTACT ME to run this workshop in-house.  It runs as a day workshop and is ideal for a team retreat.  Parts of the programme can also be integrated to fit into your day.




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