The Alternative Career Retreat

Align To Your Real Purpose And Do What You Are Really Here To Do.  

A Personal Transformation Journey To Create Your Meaningful Work And Get Back On Course.

Retreat, Online Modules and Follow Up Coaching

You Are Successful, But ...

You have been busy climbing the career ladder or building your business, but you don't feel the level of fulfilment you expected

You have been ticking the boxes of external success.  But you  have this nagging feeling that something is not quite right.  You just don't know what.

You feel confused and lost.  You wonder 'Is this it?'

You keep pushing that feeling down. You keep going.  Maybe it will just go away.  But you just feel more and more lost and exhausted by it all.

Deep down you know you yearn for more.  But more what exactly?

This is what I call a Career Pivotal Moment... When you are successful on the outside, but you feel that something is missing on the inside.

Let Me Help You Find What Is Missing...

You wonder...maybe you should change jobs, start your own business, work for a charity, study something new or take a sabbatical. But that all seems scary.  And you are not sure whether it will really fix the problem.

You look at what is going on in the world.  You daydream about doing something more meaningful.  But you don't know what you would do nor how to still pay the bills.

In this programme, I guide you to navigate your career pivotal moments and answer their call.

I help you find what is missing.  

I guide you to understand what that nagging feeling is really about.  So that you can get back on the right track and find a next step that feels on purpose.  

Isn't it time you knew what really needs to change?


"I am constantly aware that somebody needs to find the key to unlock talent and potential and Louise has found a unique way of being my personal locksmith. "

Jo Terry
Head Of Documents and Design, Global Law Firm

Hi, I am Louise

I help leaders who are at career pivotal moments get inspired, find their real purpose and step into their true leadership.

I support you to understand what these pivotal moments really are about, hear their message and answer their call.

I have 18 years experience in Leadership, Career and Talent Development - in global multinationals, social enterprises and humanitarian organisations.  

I am a regular Facilitator on Acceleration Programmes and Retreats for high potential leaders, internal change agents and social entrepreneurs.  

My passion is to guide deep transformational journeys for leaders and support them in creating meaningful work and having a positive impact.

I was recognised through the ICF Prism Award for outstanding coaching.

What You Are Experiencing Is A Career Pivotal Moment.

I experienced my pivotal moment 19 years ago.  I was a lawyer in a prestigious firm in the City of London.  A high potential, I was busy ticking all the boxes of success.  My secret was that every morning going into work I wanted to cry and I had no idea why.  I was successful, but something was missing.

I set out on a course to change that.  So I tried all the things we usually think about... I changed career, I learnt to meditate, I took a sabbatical, I went to Peru and India, I studied with shamans and different spiritual teachers, I set up my own business, I did a lot of yoga, I embraced the whole 'lifestyle' business thing and lived in a ski resort, I helped set up a social enterprise and I relocated to a different country.

I was successful at all these adventures and I enjoyed doing them!

But I didn't have a map.  So it took me a while to understand what pivotal moments are actually about.  And how to really navigate them.

This is what I learnt through my own journey and supporting over a thousand leaders in taking their right next step...

Pivotal moments are a wake up call.  

They call you to a new level of inspiration, purpose and leadership.

They ask that you remember who you are meant to be. 

Pivotal moments are not about just taking on another job.  

They are an inside job.  

They rattle your cage.

They demand transformation.  

They call you back to your true path.  They ask that you realign to your real potential. They challenge you to contribute real value as you.

The difficulty is that you were not trained for personal evolution.  

I help you bridge that gap.



We dive deep into what this Career Pivotal Moment is about...

Pivotal moments are calling you to a new level of potential. We dig into what is really going on under the surface and what wants to emerge.

We explore what this new level of potential is really about. And what are the right next steps to create your next level of meaningful work and right impact.  What that means in practice is:

Dig deeper:  You dig deeper into what aspect of potential wants to emerge and what is blocking it.  Pivotal moments are usually about reconnecting to a part of you.  So we explore together which part of you is trying to get your attention and what is in the way.

Define your ideal work:  Here you define what it would mean to integrate that aspect of potential back into your work.  What changes do you need to make?  How do you need to start showing up differently? What do you really want to create?  What is your 'special brand' of meaningful work?

Plan your transition:   You get clear on your true next step.  We clarify your 'big vision', identify your 'transition job', and put together a development plan.  So that you can know where you are really going, over time create your alternative career path and pay the bills in the meantime.

"Louise is a wonderful, compassionate, optimistic and highly skilled coach. She will help you see in yourself beyond the roadblocks you’ve know forever and the personal self you had forgotten. So that you can identify with confidence and optimism strategies and action plans to reconnect with who you are and what you truly want to do. "

Anne Bonnaillie
Evolved Her Existing Role In Brand Building And Integrated Communication To A New Level of Meaningful Thought Leadership

"In our sessions, Louise guided me to the gifts with which I was born and patiently, gently and lovingly helped me to unwrap, understand and accept those gifts. I do not know how I would have made it this far on my journey without Louise's strength, empathy and positivity. I cannot thank her enough for helping me to bring hope, light and meaning back into my life."

Megan Turley
From Solicitor to Senior Art Valuations Manager

"Louise was an essential part of my journey by helping me to see myself more clearly, to have the confidence to venture into the unknown, to trust myself and life and to ensure that what I did next was aligned with me at my core. Louise always walked her talk and I benefitted greatly from her life experience and her wisdom. Today, my life is filled with purpose, meaning, constant growth."

Manuela Berger
From Marketing Consultant to Trainer and Coach for Children, Parents and Teachers

The Alternative Career Retreat includes...

This programme is run both privately and in groups. All include a Retreat, Online Modules and Follow Up Video Coaching. You will get a better understanding of what your pivotal moment is really about. And create the foundations for work that has meaning.


We will meet for a full day together at my home in the beautiful Swiss mountains. Or as of May this year there are also options to meet in the South of France.

I will guide you to drill down into what is missing and what it will take for you to get back on track.

Online Modules

I will give you questions to reflect on after the retreat and some post retreat actions to take.  

You will also have access to online modules to deepen your reflection even more.

Alignment Coaching

Finally, we will meet online for in-depth coaching sessions.  

We draw together what you have uncovered.  And from there we define your big vision, design your transition plan and get you taking action.

Our Journey Together

This is what we will cover together...

Pre-Retreat Online Module

The current way of working disconnects us from ourselves.  We race to the top believing that when we get there we will be fulfilled.  But on the way you stop listening to what makes you happy and has meaning.  You loose yourself in the chase for success.  As a result you can’t access your internal compass as to what is right for you.  Ultimately you end up of course.

In this module you reactivate internal compass.  So that you can to listen inside in a new way.  Before you can make plans, you have to be able to hear your internal voice.  What does it want you to know?



  • Find the missing piece

At a pivotal moment, you feel successful, but that something is missing.  What is actually missing is you.  Or more accurately a part of your potential that you are currently not accessing.  

Here, we look underneath the surface - you explore what is currently blocking your next level of potential.  And clarify what is the internal shift you actually need to make.


  • Create A Map Of Your Real Potential

Pivotal moments are calling you to align to a new level of potential. It is about accessing your unique contribution and from there creating more meaningful work. Sometimes however you have forgotten what your true innate potential really is.

Here, you reconnect to and map out this next level of potential.  So that you can see it more clearly. It is time you accessed your real gifts.


  • Redefine Your Value

Often career shifts seem like a leap of faith which is scary.  So we create safety by reframing what it really takes.  Meaningful work comes from creating work that is aligned to your real potential.  It calls you to touch the world with your unique presence.  It is not so much about location - working in an NGO or having your own business.  It is more about learning to show up in a new way

Here, you explore how you can already bring your true potential into your current life and work.   You start to build the muscle of showing up as you in small incremental steps.  So that you can experience yourself in a new way and glimpse your real purpose.


Follow Up Coaching:

  • Clarify Your Big Vision

A big block to answering the call of our pivotal moment is our fear that we can’t have meaning and pay the bills.  

In this module, you get practical.  You explore the options of what your new work could look like. So that it can be the springboard to more purpose and a new level of fulfilling contribution. 


  • Catalyse Your New Path

Next you focus on making it real. Evolving your work is not a linear process.  What it takes is showing up in an aligned way.  A key aspect of that is positioning yourself in a new way.  And then seeing what emerges.  

Here, you look at the concrete actions that will make the difference.  What are you going to do to catalyse your next level of work? Who do you need to talk to?  Who will be your new allies?  How will you present yourself and communicate in the right way?  What aligned opportunities can you create right now?


  • Plan Your Transition

Here we create your transition plan that includes your big vision and what you need to focus on to get there.  We also identify your 'transition job'.  To make sure you can pay the bills in the meantime.  Whilst still building your dream.


Programme Investment

This programme is available both one to one and as a group.  If you are interested in joining me then contact me below.

The private version of the programme can be adapted to your specific needs.  I would love to have you come visit me in person for the retreat. But we can also do the whole programme online if need be.  Prices start at $3,500 (+VAT for Swiss Residents)

I run two versions of the group programme at regular intervals.  One purely online - prices start at $1,500 (+VAT for Swiss Residents).  And another which includes a group retreat of two days and follow up group coaching.  Prices start at $2,500 (+VAT for Swiss Residents).  I keep the groups small to give you individualised attention.

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