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I work with leaders who are at a career pivotal moment - successful but feel that something is missing. I help them get re-inspired, align to their real purpose and step into their true leadership. Together we address the real root cause - which is that we loose ourselves in the chase for success. All my programmes and interventions approach work in a new way - one where you are truly connected to yourself, are meaningfully contributing to others and have a conscious positive impact on your environment. That is what is what I call becoming a Positive Energy Leader.

1. Positive Energy At Work

Reenergise, Reconnect and Get Reinspired

To break the busyness cycle and create real success.

We often loose ourselves in the chase for success.  Let me guide you to create positive habits and start an upward spiral.

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2. The Alternative Career

Dig Deep Into What Is Missing

To navigate your work pivotal moment and answer its call.

A pivotal moment calls you to a new level of potential. Hear its message and get clear on the right next step.

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3. Positive Energy Academy

Create Work That Has Meaning

To align to your real purpose and to what you are really here to do.

Incubate your purpose over a full year. So that you can become the conscious change maker you are meant to be.

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Sometimes it is just good to talk to someone who gets it. Set up a call. And we can see which of my programmes would help you best get back on track.


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