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'Remember Who You Are, Do What You Are Here To Do, Evolve The World Being You', Louise Le Gat

I Work With Leaders To Become The Next Generation Humanitarian Leaders Who Are Building The Sustainable World Of Tomorrow Where We All Flourish.  

The Essence of What I Do: I believe that your greatest impact and fulfilment comes from touching the world with your unique presence. I guide you to bring your whole potential to what you do, to show up and keep stepping up.  So that you can contribute from your full inspiration, mission and humanity.  And that you can become the leader of evolution you are meant to be.  If not now, then when?

For Emerging and Established Leaders: I support you to craft, sustain and amplify your fulfilling, meaningful work and positive impact - by aligning to your next level of potential, purpose and leadership. I help you reconnect to yourself, align to what matters now and take real charge of the difference you want to make.

For Organisations: I support your High Potential Leaders and Executives to align to what gives them meaning, to inspire others to new possibility and to effectively lead transformation. By navigating their career crossroads consciously, stepping into their personal leadership, developing their emotional mastery and becoming agents of positive change. 

Here are the different ways we can work together...

The Positive Energy Academy

Everything I do is based on the Positive Energy Academy Curriculum.

The Positive Energy Academy is a Course, Incubator and Tribe.  It gives you the foundations you need to craft, sustain and amplify your fulfilling, meaningful work that has a positive impact.

The Positive Energy Academy

Our Flagship Online School for Visionaries, Disruptors and Change Makers.

Our Journeys

For more tailored guidance I offer Small Year Group Masterminds and One To One Year Programmes. So that you can get personalised and individualised transformation support.

The focus in these year long Transformation Journeys are in essence the same. Align to your purpose, incubate the next level of your meaningful work and step up to be the next generation humanitarian leader you are meant to be.  

The Positive Energy Leader Mastermind

A Year Small Group Journey - Including Alignment Immersions and Monthly Group Coaching.

The Positive Energy Leader Journey

A Year's Personal Journey - Including a Personal Alignment Immersion and Monthly Individual Coaching.

Our Retreats

Sometimes we need some time out to reflect and realign.

This is what our online retreats are for. To support you to reconnect to yourself, tune into your inner compass and find your right next step.

The Positive Energy Retreat

A Personal Alignment Immersion To Deepen Into Your Potential, Catalyse Meaning and Embrace Your Next Level Of Leadership.

Our Corporate Short Programmes And Executive Coaching

I have 20 years experience in Career and Leadership Development - catalysing new insights, guiding deep transformation and facilitating personal realignment.

 We provide leaders with a transformational space to grow.  So that they can birth their next level of potential, purpose and leadership.  

Specific areas: Navigate career crossroads, embed meaning at work, develop emotional mastery, step into inspirational and transformational leadership and become agents of positive change. 

I can tailor make interventions. Or see above for any of the Positive Energy Academy, Individualised Journeys or Personal Retreats.  

 In addition below are short group programmes, I can run for your people.

Please contact me at [email protected] for more information.  

Lead In Uncertain and Changing Times

A Short Course To Help Leaders Navigate The Emotional Side Of This Crisis Consciously And With Care. Because Leading Your People With Humanity Is Essential.

Positive Energy At Work

The Art Of Being Inspired. Master The 7 Shifts To Be Energised, Confident and Fulfilled In What You Do.

The Empowering Leader

The Toolbox To Become An Emotionally Intelligent Leader Who Motivates, Builds Confidence and Enables Others To Flourish

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