The 'Positive Energy Leaders' Journey

'Remember Who You Really Are, Do What You Are Truly Here To Do and Evolve The World By Being You.'

 You are successful but feel that something is missing. And you can't quite work out what that is. 

Deep down, you yearn for something more meaningful.  You want to find your purpose and to fully live it.  You would love to feel fulfilled, to make a positive difference and pay the bills - in a way that feels in tune with who you are and what you are really about.
You wonder whether you should change career, take some time out, start your own business or maybe even become a coach?
But where do you even start, how do you know what is the right next step and how do you make the transition?
This is where I come in... I help leaders build Impact Driven Careers...within the corporate environment or through their own business.

‘I’ve had a fantastic experience with Louise. She has a unique ability to read someone, find the points that need improving, and then gently start poking them so that we get into action and start addressing them.
I’m amazed by her ability to “scan and feel” what’s going on and use that to bring insights that helped me look deeper, explore areas in my behaviour that were still unknown to me, and find points I could activate to achieve my next level of Leadership.
I’m truly thankful to have gone through this transforming experience.  She really helped me in becoming a much better person, and a much better leader.’
Gustavo Zenaide

Align To Your Purpose.  Craft Your True Work. Catalyse Your Unique Impact.

Together we address the real root cause - which is that you have lost a part of yourself in the chase for success.  
I help you get back to what really matters to you.  And start living your purpose where you are right now.  95% of my clients create their meaningful work in their current corporate environment or in their existing business.
That's because the key to purpose is not the destination, but how you travel.  It means waking up, showing up and stepping up.
I provide a sanctuary to incubate your next level, a deeply caring presence to help you find your way and challenging mentorship to have you stay in true alignment.  

If you join one of the group journeys... you will also meet a tribe of other like-minded adventurers - who want to live more lovingly, do work that matters and stand for their own and each other's greatness.

All supporting you in becoming the positive energy leader you are meant to be.  

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What If Your Work Was Your Masterpiece...

Choose Your Positive Energy Leaders Journey

Through this journey, you align to your real purpose, you craft your true work and you step into your unique impact. There are 3 ways to start on this journey...

Online Group Coaching

This is a 3 month online journey.  You will get modules to work through in your own time to deepen your reflection.  And we will meet once a week for group coaching on videoconference.

Group Retreat

We will meet in the Swiss Alps for 3 days together.  There I will take you through the Positive Energy Leaders process in a small group of a maximum of 8.  So that you still get personalised attention.

Personal Retreat

Come and join me in different parts of the world. We spend a whole day together.  And then you have 3 online 90 mins coaching sessions.  Available in Switzerland and the South of France.


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