The 'Positive Energy Leaders' Journey

A 3 Stage Transformation Experience To Navigate your Career Pivotal Moment:
Reconnect To yourself, Create Meaningful Work and Evolve The World Being You.


I work with leaders (CEOs, Corporate Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Philanthropists...)  who are at a career pivotal moment - when you are successful but feel that something is missing. 

Together we address the real root cause - which is that you have lost yourself in the chase for success.  You feel exhausted, empty and lost - because you are off track.  You are not aligned with yourself or what really matters to you. And you are not being the leader you are meant to be.

I support you to get inspired, align to your real purpose and step into your true leadership.  

All my programmes and interventions are designed as transformation experiences and journeys.

This isn't 'life coaching' nor is it management training. I believe that we have enough stressed out managers who are busy building careers supporting a system that is not sustainable - be it for ourselves, the planet or humanity itself.

And that what we need are real leaders who can be true to themselves, are contributing their unique potential and will really show up to  change things for the better.

  This is what becoming a Positive Energy Leader is all about.

So what we do together is hard core transformational leadership development - to enable you to become the inspired, confident and impactful leader and change agent you are actually meant to be.



‘I’ve had a fantastic experience with Louise. She has a unique ability to read someone, find the points that need improving, and then gently start poking them so that we get into action and start addressing them.
I’m amazed by her ability to “scan and feel” what’s going on and use that to bring insights that helped me look deeper, explore areas in my behaviour that were still unknown to me, and find points I could activate to achieve my next level of Leadership.
I’m truly thankful to have gone through this transforming experience.  She really helped me in becoming a much better person, and a much better leader.’
Gustavo Zenaide

Louise really brought us deep. To a place where we had not been before and did not even know we could go.  She's a real gift!
Wilma Gamboa-Guez

The Curriculum

Welcome to the Positive Energy Leaders' Journey.  A three stage transformational experience to help you...

'Remember Who You Really Are, Do What You Are Truly Here To Do and Make The Difference Only You Can Make'

Here you will find a sanctuary to incubate your next level, a loving presence to help you see clearly and challenging mentorship to have you step into your own true greatness.  

 Together we embark on set transformation journeys.  As I find this is the best way to catalyse meaningful personal evolution - through real investment of and in yourself over a period of time. 

Each programme builds on each other - to support you to reconnect to yourself, to create meaningful work and to evolve the world being you.

I work both one to one and with groups.  I offer a combination of retreats, online programmes and coaching.

One to one work ranges from $3,500 to $20,000

Group retreats and follow up coaching range from $1,500 to $10,000

Purely online programmes range from $397 to $2,200

For corporate interventions, please contact me directly. 

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1. Positive Energy At Work

Reconnect To Yourself

To get inspired and remember who you really are.

Start listening to yourself.  Hear what you really need and have the courage to be true to yourself. Create your own 'positive energy formula'. So that you can feel energised, know real confidence and have work that fuels you.

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2. The Alternative Career

Create Meaningful Work

To align to your real purpose and do what you are here to do.

Reinvent your work so that it is a vehicle for your unique potential.  Uncover what it means to contribute something that matters.  Get clear on your 'Big Vision', map out your transition plan and know the right next step to take.

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3. The Evolution Leader

Evolve The world Being You

To step into your true leadership and make the difference only you can make. 

Become the inspiring transformation leader you are meant to be.  Catalyse the positive impact you are here to have. Activate your thought leader, incubate your leadership presence and manifest  your true 'Big Vision'.

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Sometimes it is just good to talk to someone who gets it. Set up a call. And we can see which of my programmes would help you best get back on track.


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