A set of Masterclasses for organisations to empower your people to create fulfilling meaningful work and to become the inspiring agents of transformation they can be.

There is a lot of talk about the need for positive change - even a system reboot. 

 Central to this are the questions: How can our leaders evolve to lead the way on this?'  And 'How can we approach careers differently to meet the challenge?’   

At Positive Energy Leaders, we catalyse new leaders who will build the sustainable world of tomorrow where we all flourish.  We do that by empowering  a new breed of Visionaries, Disruptors and Change-Makers to lead the way to more sustainable ways of living, working and doing business.  

Fundamentally, we believe that meaning and positive impact are the next currency.  And that these need to become the core foundation stones of any work, organisation or business.  


What We Address In The Masterclasses.  

For us everyone is a potential leader that can have a positive impact.  They just need to feel empowered to bring themselves to work in the right way. The core idea being that people can drop the masks of the ‘good soldier’, ‘perfect performer’ and ‘people pleaser'.  And instead become a Positive Energy Leader who takes a stand for what matters and contributes to a sustainable world where we all flourish.

In practice that means bringing their full creative ability to what they believe in.  And being an effective inspiring leader who consciously navigates transformation and brings out the best in others.
The Three Foundation Stones of Positive Energy Leadership are:
  1. Inspired Leader: Connecting to themselves and to what they care about 
  2. Genuine Expert: Bringing their full innate potential to work and contributing their unique value
  3. Evolution Agent: Consciously navigating relationships and leading to a new way.  
The Positive Energy Leaders Series includes 4 One Day Masterclasses.  These can be delivered individually in-house or can be easily integrated into existing programmes or leadership retreats. The whole Positive Energy Leaders series can also be delivered as a stand alone 4 day leadership training - usually done in two parts.  The Workshops are:  
  • Energy: Break Out Of The Stress Cycle and Be Inspired 
  • Purpose: Access Your True Value and Create Self-Fuelling Work
  • Partnership: Build Your Emotional Intelligence and Influence For Good
  • Leadership: Inspire to New Possibility and Guide Transformation Consciously

'Best session so far.  Really touched me. Inspired, lots of things to think about, very insightful, loved it', 'Lovely facilitator, powerful and inspiring', 'Louise you really have a gift.  Continue the great work'.  

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