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Louise Le Gat is a Next Generation Career And Leadership Catalyst. She supports Leaders to become the Visionaries, Disruptors and Change Makers who are building the sustainable world of tomorrow where we all flourish.

What that means in practice is that I help leaders who are successful but feel that something is missing align to their unique purpose, blueprint and impact. I guide them to create fulfilling meaningful work and become the inspiring leaders of positive transformation they are meant to be. 

My work is all about empowering leaders to make a positive difference through their work - in a way that is aligned to their true innate potential.  So that they can contribute to creating the sustainable world of tomorrow where we all flourish.  Doing that in a way that also feels sustainable and inspiring to them. 

I believe that we are being called to a fundamental system's change and we need leaders who will reinvent our world and economies to make them work better for people and planet.  I am committed to catalysing this next generation of leaders.

I have 20 years experience in career and leadership development and have worked with thousands of leaders... high potentials... in multinationals and humanitarian organisations... change makers... intrapreneurs... social entrepreneurs... I have also been living my own purpose experiment since my own pivotal moment in 1999.

Below you will find my official bio and my story...











Professional Bio

She is the Founder and CEO of Positive Energy Leaders and the Creator of The Positive Energy Leaders Academy - An online Course, Incubator and Transformational Community for leaders to create Fulfilling, Meaningful Work And Become The Inspiring Leaders Of Positive Transformation They Are Meant To Be.
Drawing from her own personal journey and her 20 years’ experience in leadership, career and talent development, Louise has supported over a thousand professionals in their quest for more fulfilling careers and 'for purpose' leadership.
She is unusual in that she bridges a mix of worlds - multinational corporations, humanitarian organisations and social enterprises.  This has included clients like Nestle, Nespresso, Allen & Overy LLP, Adobe, SAP, General Mills and also working with the Global Fund and UNICEF.  Her first career was as a lawyer in the City of London.
A partner of the Accelerate 2030 program, she works alongside the United Nations (UNDP) and The Impact Hub, supporting social entrepreneurs to scale their impact. She is a contributor to The Sustainability Transitions programme run by the University of Geneva.  She is a regular Facilitator on Acceleration Programmes for High Potential Corporate Leaders, Internal Change Agents and Intrapreneurs. And she has been part of the Faculty on ‘The Effective Advising in Peacebuilding Contexts’ Programme, run by Interpeace and sponsored by the Swiss Government, for experts advising on rebuilding following violent conflicts.
She has spoken at the Swiss Mission during Davos 2020 on 'Today's Action, Tomorrow's World'. At the Interlak Incubator on 'Resilience, Success and Purpose'. She was invited to speak at the WIN Conference for women leaders on ‘Evolving The World Being You', at the Good Festival on ‘A New Approach To Creating Meaningful Work’, at IMD on 'The Positive Energy Leader' and at the Global Fund on ‘Saving The World Without Burning Out’.
She is on the Advisory Committee of Factory17 - a series of events that bring together Geneva’s leading visionaries, innovators and disruptors, sharing vision for what is needed to create a sustainable future. She was recognised through the ICF Prism Award for outstanding coaching as part of Nestle's external Coaching Faculty.  
Louise spends her time between the beautiful Swiss Alps and the South of France - where she leads transformational masterminds and retreats for 'purpose-led' leaders who are committed to building meaningful careers and businesses that make our world better.   She is bilingual English/French. 


At My Pivotal Moment...

At my career pivotal moment, I was a successful lawyer in the City of London.   I thought I had made it.  I had ticked all the right boxes of success.

I had the great career, the very nice salary, the lovely apartment, the right lawyer boyfriend. I should have felt happy and fulfilled.  But I wasn’t.  Underneath it all I had this nagging feeling that something was missing.  I just couldn’t work out what it was.

I wondered whether I should change law firms - maybe to somewhere less high profile where I could have more work life balance. I felt lost, confused and so I did nothing - hoping the feeling would go away.

Little did I know that I was at a pivotal moment - that this was my wake up call.  That I was being asked to take a hard look at my life and what I was doing with it.  And that however much I tried to avoid it, it would eventually catch up with me.

The Wake Up Call

On 10th December 1999, my life changed.  I found myself in the hospital as a result of an infection I caught in the operating theatre.  I was pumped for weeks on end with IV antibiotics.  

They got the infection under control, but I was left in constant pain, only able to stay awake 3 hours a day and hardly able to walk.  After trying to re-operate with no success, the doctors announced they didn’t think I would ever get better.  I was 26 years old and it looked like I would be disabled for life.

I remember laying there in bed staring at the white wall.  Feeling like my life had just ended. And this question came into my mind. ‘If this is truly it, what will I regret?’ 

It stopped me in my tracks.  I thought that what I would regret would be not becoming a partner in the law firm I had been working for day and night. But that wasn't it.  It wasn't doing the Inca Trail in Peru.  It made me realise how completely out of alignment I was with myself.


Answering The Call

I set off on a quest to 'live with no regrets'. First stop - try to find my life purpose and create meaningful work. More generally looking for what I was meant to be doing with my life. And that is what I have been doing for the last 20 years.

Since then, I have done many of the things we do when we are at a pivotal moment. I learnt to meditate, did a career change, took a sabbatical, set up my own business, did the whole ‘laptop lifestyle thing’ between London and San Francisco, went to India (of course!), lived in a ski resort in the French Alps, helped set up a social enterprise, and relocated to Switzerland.

What I have learnt from my 20 years experiment is this...

The key is alignment - being aligned to yourself.

Purpose is not a destination it is a way of travelling.  

It is not simply about the external stuff or even just following passion.  It is about touching the world with your unique presence.  Starting with understanding who you actually are.

A pivotal moment is a call to reconnect to yourself, show up and step up as yourself at a whole new level.

It is not an easy journey, but it is so worthwhile.


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