What Has 2019 Taught You?

Dec 12, 2019
A lot of you have asked me for my 'end of year' questions... so here goes...
One of my first coaches, always used to say to me ‘Make sure you catch up … regularly … with who you have become”.
So I have an end of year ritual, which helps me do that… it is my way of catching up with myself at the end of the year.  To realise what the year has taught me and who I have become as a result.  
This year ends a 10 year cycle and it feels even more important to do this.  So you can do this just for 2019... or use it to catch up with what the last 10 year cycle has been about.
Here are the questions...You just need to get yourself a journal to write in, a hot drink and a comfortable chair.  Or you can also download here the nice worksheet pdf I have created for you as a gift...
  • What have the main themes been for you this year?  
  • What were the pivotal moments that...
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The Power Of Presence

Nov 25, 2019
My neighbour died last night.  It was sudden and unexpected.  He was in his early seventies, but seemed in good health.  One day he was here and the next gone.
He lived opposite me.  I didn’t know him well.  But whenever our paths crossed he was friendly and we had a nice chat.  
The last time we saw each other, we took the little mountain train together.  It was morning.  He joked that he was going to hit the town and party that day.  He was in fact being a good friend - going to the hospital to support someone close who was having a scan on his shoulder.
I felt really sad when I heard the news.  And since then I have been haunted by a deep sense of loss.  The force of which has been unexpected...  My mind keeps reminding me that we were just acquaintances.  But my heart deeply feels the loss of his presence.    ...
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The Precious Time Before Emails

Oct 22, 2019
I don’t now what you are like... but I find that it is so easy to loose yourself in the constant juggle of external demands.  
Whose voice is setting your tone?
Life can so easily get filled with the weight of emails and the sound of external voices asking for more.  That it is hard to hear yourself anymore.  
You end up becoming more reactive to others' cries rather than responsive to your own soul.  
Making new choices...
Recently one of the choices I have been making is to show up and write something before I look at my emails. The rule for the ‘something’ is that it is not dictated by what others want to hear.  But by something I want to write - an expression of what I really want to say. It is a time that I spend with myself - listening in and writing.  It feels so good to be able to hear my own voice.  
I have found that that simple practice...
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Scaling For Good

Oct 22, 2019

October is a big month for me. It is the period of Accelerate 2030... a sustainable scaling programme focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

I don’t talk very much about some of the 'for impact' programmes I support.

The thing is that there are people up to amazing things. And sometimes we need to know that they exist... that someone is doing something somewhere... to feel that inspiration and that hope...

It may even give us the courage to join them...or to support them where we can...

Scaling for the SDGs

So coming back to Accelerate 2030... Its mission is to scale internationally the impact of entrepreneurs working towards achieving positive social and environmental change.

It is run in partnership with The Impact Hub in Geneva and the UN Development Programme (UNDP). This year it has been implemented across 16 countries: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, Serbia, Turkey, Armenia, Malaysia,...

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Let Go Of What No Longer Serves

Oct 21, 2019

Continuing on my Autum theme of rest and reflection, here is something on letting go.

One of my rituals is decluttering my space every six months - in the Autumn and in the Spring. I give away or let go of what no longer serves me. And I make an effort to repair or mend the things I keep. Clients often ask me how I do my decluttering. So here are some thoughts...

The Three Questions...

When it comes to knowing what to keep or give away, there are 3 questions ask yourself:

  • Do I Love It?
  • Is It Me Now?
  • Does It Nourish Me?

The idea is to upgrade your environment to reflect who you have become and are becoming. And to surround yourself with things that nurture you.

I always say to my clients: ‘Everything has an energetic impact on you - it either energises or drains you - so choose wisely!’ That little skirt might have been great 10 years ago - but is it really reflecting the truth of who you are now?

Physical Declutter

So try it... look around you at home (or at...

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A Time To Rest...

Oct 18, 2019

I am usually a good ‘performer’ - setting my goals and getting there - pushing through as needed.

What if this wasn't the time to push?

But at the moment I have felt a bit aimless - I achieved my goals for the year over the summer and now I feel a bit lost. My brain has been pushing me to set new goals and do a last mad dash on something to the end of the year. But I have just not been in the mood.

Luckily, I remembered that in terms of nature this is a time of going inside... a time of letting go, reflecting and most importantly of... rest. It is not the time to just plough on or through to the next thing.

Taking a stand...

In our society, it is a badge of honour to always be switched on and ‘out there’. So it feels like an act of courage to say:’ I am taking some time out to rest and to just 'be' for a while’. To rest not just your body - but also your mind, heart and soul.

9 Types of rest...

Recently I saw this social media post about 9 types...

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Transformation... What Does It Really Take?

Oct 15, 2019
I am a transformation junkie. It is a passion, an ongoing life experiment - you might even say an obsession.  For me transformation is about really evolving your life and work to the next level.  
I see more and more people aspire to transformation. But not so many actually step into it or succeed at it.
I was pondering about that recently and wondering why. I realised that we are not taught at school what transformation is and how to go about it.  So what does it really take?  Here are a few thoughts
  • Be the Butterfly: Einstein said that you can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking you used to create it.  And that for me is the essence of transformation.  It is about creating something at another level.  In essence it is the caterpillar who becomes the butterfly.  It is being able to go beyond the better version of the caterpillar.


  • Become Aware Of Your Conditioning:...
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Autumn Reflections

Oct 14, 2019

Welcome to Autumn ...

In the last couple of weeks we have crossed the threshold. Can you feel the shift in energy? The nights are growing longer... the days shorter... There is a tug to turn inwards, to draw closer to ourselves, to listen in...

After the expansiveness of summer and its harvest, it is time to celebrate and complete the cycle that has just been. And it is time to plant the seeds for the new cycle that is emerging.

What is calling you next?

Whether we like it or not, are aware of it or not, we are still earth beings. And as such are impacted by the earth’s rhythms. I have found that the more I align to the natural rhythms of the earth, the easier it is to manifest my true life and work.

Because I am going with the natural rhythms of things - where the flow is. I am true to my own nature rather than fighting it to get things done.

So this is a time for completion and deepening into what wants to be born next... Can you feel the call for the quiet?

That is your...

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Are You A Wayshower?

Sep 17, 2019

Do you believe that you can really transform your life and your work?

Recently I was talking to a client... She was explaining that she had been sharing my details with some of her friends and colleagues.  She was frustrated because she knew they could really benefit from my help.  But she was confused as to why they weren't reaching out to me.  I told her it was because they were either not ready - it wasn't painful enough yet.  Or that they had lost hope that they could really change things.

What I have found is this... often deep down we have given up on really transforming our lives and our work.  A few tweaks here and there are fine - like buying a new sofa, going to a yoga class or sending our CV out for a job we know we are qualified for.  

But what about more profound changes... like the ones that lead to something more fulfilling or create a more meaningful impact?  It often seems like a pipe dream or just plain overwhelming....

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Create The Road You Want To Travel

Sep 10, 2019

I was talking to my brother recently about one of his career turning points.  

The Choice

He works for a global consultancy and was for a long time focused on being the good soldier and ticking the right boxes to become a partner.  But it seemed that that wasn't really getting him anywhere.  

And then one day he asked himself what he really wanted from his career.  

And he realised that he had a real entrepreneurial streak that wanted to create something new, take more risks and to contribute to something he really cared about.  

So he stopped chasing partnership.  And instead started to make the contribution he really wanted.  

He didn't leave his company.  Instead he expressed that he would like to build their education practice - the part of the business that serviced the education sector.  And bring a new approach and a new level of thought leadership to it.

Taking The Road Less Travelled

In that moment he decided to create the road...

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