Your Own Journey To Remember Who You Are, Do What You Are Here To Do And Evolve The World Being You.

Deepen into purpose, incubate the next level of your meaningful work and step up to be the next generation humanitarian leader you are meant to be.  
This is for you if you like the idea of the Positive Energy Curriculum and you also want a deeply personalised transformative experience.  Your own individual guided journey focused on your own challenges and experiences.  And giving you what you need to step up to the next level of your potential, purpose and leadership.

How It Works...

We work together one on one over the course of a year.  So that you can get an in depth completely personalised transformation. 
Specifically, you...
  • Have an Individual Kick Off Call to set your intention for the journey.  And address any immediate steps you need to take.
  • Have a One Day Online Personal Alignment Intensive to dig deep into and access your next level of purpose, potential and leadership.
  • Get 10 One to One Deep Dive Coaching Calls where you create the right foundations in yourself and the vehicle for your fulfilling meaningful work and positive impact.
  • Access to me on WhatsApp in between sessions to ask questions.
  • Extra Bonus: Full access to The Positive Energy Academy Online Modules and Calls for the year.

A Deep Incubation Space

I spent the first 6 weeks of my life in an incubator.  The way I see it is that I was put in a safe space to get all that I needed to accelerate my ability to flourish.  And this is what this year's journey is about - give you what you need to deepen into, catalyse and express your next level of potential.
During our time together, I provide a sanctuary to incubate your next level, a deeply caring presence to help you find your way and challenging mentorship to have you step into in true alignment.  
This is the opportunity for deep work and putting in place new inner foundations.  So that you can create your next level of expression, purpose and leadership in the world.
With the Individual Coaching and the access to the Academy calls you get the best of both worlds. Your own personalised transformation.  As well as the support of a tribe of people on the same journey as you.  

What Is Included...

  • An In Depth Intention Setting And Immediate Steps Online Session with Louise
  • A One Day Individual Online Alignment Intensive
  • 10 x 2 Hours One To One Deep Dive Coaching Sessions With Louise
  • WhatsApp Access to Louise in between sessions
  • Extra Bonus: Full access to The Positive Energy Academy Online Modules and Calls for the year.
  • Investment: CHF10,000 (+ VAT for Swiss Residents)

I only take a small number of one to one clients a year.  So please contact me at [email protected] to apply or to be put on the waitlist.


"I hired Louise to help develop our young and future leaders in the NCE College in resilience, emotional intelligence and leading change. The feedback by all participants was how she opens up so many new ways of thinking through her coaching and ability to integrate the head, heart and strong intuition. My personal experience has been one that will last a lifetime. She has been more than a coach but has helped me become a true transformation agent. Louise has known exactly how and when to apply coaching and mentoring. So that I could change to become a leader I can be proud of. I would hire Louise again and again as I truly believe in her ability to inspire new possibilities and bring lasting transformation.’"

Robert Paquin
Head of NCE College - now just retired

"'I truly enjoyed working with Louise. She definitively walks the talk: she lives lovingly, does work that matters to her and stands for greatness. At a time when everyone speaks about « precision medicine », Louise is a pioneer in « precision coaching »! She has the ability to take you through a unique journey where you make progress in the areas that are important to you, where you reflect on your own personal vision and above all you reconnect with yourself and think differently."

Irene Corthesy Malnoe
Global Head of RD & CSO of Nestle Health Science - Now Partner at Skyviews Life Science

"'Louise has a truly unique way of coaching that takes you on a journey deep inside you. She has the ability to see beyond the obvious and helps you uncover parts of your true self that were hidden or you did not even remember existed. Gentle, patient, encouraging while also being firm and challenging, all by creating an environment of trust and openness to go deeper each time. Louise's coaching has helped me to become a healthier, happier and more fulfilled person. As well as giving me the confidence to really step up as a leader and become a more conscious transformation agent."

Yvonne Vrba
Lean Design Master Pillar

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