At my career pivotal moment, twenty two years ago, I was a successful lawyer in a leading law firm in the City of London.  As a result of a major illness and being told I would never walk again (luckily I got better), I set off on an experiment to find what my purpose was on this planet.  

I was confronted with two paths, the conform path and the inspiration path. I found that being on purpose meant trusting in the inspiration path.  

The thing was that I had no map.  Most of the time I had no idea what I was doing. So over the years I created my own.  

Since then my life has become an intense laboratory - an in-depth experimentation of what it really means to live our purpose on this planet at this time. And where I am an intrepid explorer, pathfinder and mapmaker both for myself and others.

I learnt that purpose is not a destination but a journey you take.  

At its core it means expressing your unique potential and directing it towards a positive impact you genuinely care about.  That means being willing to excavate and let go of years of conditioned patterns of behaviour that block us from making the impact we yearn for. 

It hasn't been an easy journey, but definitely a worthwhile one.

Twenty three years on,  I make the difference I am here to make by supporting leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents to become purpose-led leaders at this pivotal moment on the planet.  By being the brave builders of the new who evolve the world by being uniquely themselves.  Guiding them to remember who they are, do what they are here to do and make that difference only they can make.

You can hear me share my story below.



*Louise is the Founder of A Purpose-Led World And School. As an activist, she is a strong advocate of the new economy that is emerging based on the long term well-being of people and planet. And is part of the purpose-driven movement that is pioneering, experimenting and reshaping how we do business, work and leadership to meet these unprecedented times.

*As a speaker, educator and catalyst, she supports with her Purpose-Led Method, a new generation of leaders to actualise their purpose - by evolving the world being uniquely themselves and channeling that through their personal purpose, future-fit work and next generation leadership.

*With 23 years experience in Transformation, Career And Leadership Development, she is a regular Curriculum Designer and Facilitator on Acceleration Programmes, Sustainability Incubators and In-Depth Transformational Initiatives for High Potential Corporate Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs.

*This has included clients like Nestle, Nespresso, Zurich Foundation, Allen & Overy LLP, Adobe, SAP, Cotty (now Wella) and also working with The Global Fund, Interpeace, The Impact Hub and UNICEF.

*She was recognised through the ICF Prism Award for outstanding coaching as part of Nestle's external Coaching Faculty.

*She is a certified NLP Coach, RAPSI Counsellor and Mediator. Her first career was as a lawyer in a leading Law Firm in the City of London.

*Louise spends her time between the beautiful Swiss Alps and the South of France.

 Noteworthy Programmes:

*Strategic Advisor and Creator of The Groundbreaking 'Sustainable You' Pillar For Accelerate 2030. The world's largest programme supporting social entrepreneurs from developing and emerging markets to scale their solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals - working alongside the United Nations (UNDP), The Swiss Development Agency, BCG, Pfizer and The Impact Hub.

*Teaches Purpose-Led Leadership on The Sustainability Transitions programme run by the University of Geneva.  

*Faculty And Workshop Leader For The Next Generation Leadership Curriculum For The Intrapreneurship Academy in partnership with the Impact Hub.

*Faculty on Nestle's Performance Acceleration Programme for High Potentials and their NCE College for Internal Change Agents focusing on Inspirational And Transformational Leadership.

*Faculty focusing on Being a Trusted Advisor And Leading¬†Change on ‚ÄėThe¬†Effective Advising in Peacebuilding Contexts‚Äô Programme, run by¬†Interpeace and sponsored by the Swiss Government, for experts¬†advising on rebuilding following violent conflicts.

*Facilitator on the Impact Hub Inspired At Work Programme for emerging social entrepreneurs.   

Advisor To Boards:

*She has been a trusted partner of Senior leadership Teams and Management Committees in Global Companies on how to navigate transitions and bring sustainable human transformation.  And an inspiring mentor and coach for Founders in Positive Impact Organisations.

*She is an Advisor to the Board of Woman Within International. A women-led nonprofit organization that has supported a global community of 16,000 women to live and lead from their truth. And to amplify their power, wisdom and voice.

*She is on the Advisory Committee of Factory 17 - a series of events that bring together Geneva’s leading visionaries, innovators and disruptors, sharing vision for what is needed to create a sustainable future. 



We truly believe that we can do this.  That, if enough of us commit to being the brave builders of the new and take care of our own garden patch, we can create a new world - where we all flourish together deeply valuing people and planet.  

What it takes is for us to remember who we are here to be, do what we are here to do and make that difference only we can make. By investing in inner well-being, creating meaningful livelihoods and catalysing worthwhile evolution through our lives, work and leadership.

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Louise Le Gat, Founder Of A Purpose-Led World