'Louise Le Gat IS positive energy personified.

With a full and present heart, Louise brings her gifts to the stage in a highly memorable and deeply impactful way. Powerful, calm and inspiring, you will be moved, you will be touched and transformation will begin.'

‚ÄčLinda Stuart

Become a Positive Energy Leader

Louise Le Gat is the Creator of the ‘Positive Energy Leaders’ Transformation Journey.

She believes that we are being called to create a sustainable world where we can all flourish.  And for that we need a new kind of leader.

 She is committed to empowering the leaders who want to step into impact driven careers and leadership to succeed - contributing positively to the 4Ps ‘People, Planet, Prosperity and Progress’ 


Read The Positive Energy Manifesto

'The IMD MBA'14 class had the opportunity to enjoy Louise's positive and inspiring message. With a practical approach supported by her personal experience, we were able to start digging for our peak moments and our meaning in life.  Louise, thank you so much for sharing your gift with us!' 

Juan Jimenez Criado, IMD Business School MBA'14


Keynote Speech

Become A Positive Energy Leader: Remember Who You Really Are, Do What You Are Truly Here To Do, Evolve The world Being Uniquely You.
There comes a point in our career when as leaders we ask ourselves ‘Is This It?’  
We appear successful on the outside but something feels like it is missing on the inside.  We have this nagging feeling that something is not quite right. 
Deep down we yearn for something more meaningful, but we are not quite sure what.  Or even how to create something better.
In this thought provoking presentation, you will explore what it takes to align to your real purpose and to step into your true leadership. Specifically:
  • How Purpose Is Not A Destination But A Way Of Travelling
  • The 3 Shifts To Start Creating Your Meaningful Work Right Now
  • A Pathway To Making A Positive Difference Where You Are

'Best session so far.  Really touched me. Inspired, lots of things to think about, very insightful, loved it',

'Lovely facilitator, powerful and inspiring', 

'Louise you really have a gift.  Continue the great work'.  

Workshop Participants The WIN  Leadership Conference For Women


Leadership Retreats And Mini-Workshops

 I bring a new perspective and level of depth to your leadership event.   Let's start a new more inspiring conversation about how you can evolve the world through your work or business...


Positive Energy At Work:  What Does It Take?
In this mini-workshop, I will guide you to bring positive energy back to your work.  Together, we will:
  1. Explore the key shift that creates Sustainable Success.
  2. Apply the 3 New Rules of Work that catalyse energy, fulfilment and inspiration.
  3. Create Your Own Positive Energy Formula to build more energy into your workday.

Other Topics I can cover...

  • Navigating Career Pivotal Moments and Understanding Their Call
  • Creating Meaningful Work and Careers/Businesses You Believe In
  • Becoming a Catalyst for Positive Transformation in your Work or Business


'Amazing!  I was so connected and engaged the whole presentation. Louise has great presence and such quiet elegance.   I could so relate to her story of regret and she challenged me to do more and be more, so that I too can honestly say I have no regrets!' 

Cori Cooper 


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