Welcome to a Purpose-Led World:

Our promise is to build a new sustainable future that serves the long term well-being of people and planet - by remembering who we are,  doing what we are here to do and making that difference only we can make.


Our Vision As A Movement

*Our Why: We believe that we all have a purpose now.  And that we are called to build together a new sustainable world that serves the long term well-being of people and planet. 

*Our What: We choose to be the brave builders of this new future - by actualising our unique purpose in our work, leadership and organisations.

*Our How: We evolve the world by being uniquely ourselves - making good money doing good. As such we embrace our innate blueprint, we offer our original contribution and we guide our pioneer conversations in all that we do.  And we support others to do the same.


Our Purpose As An Organisation

*Our Mission: We activate leaders to evolve business as usual by being uniquely themselves as the brave builders of a new paradigm - based on the long term well-being of people and planet. 

*Our Stand: Instead of holding on to the status quo, we enable these leaders to actualise their unique purpose at this pivotal time.  

*Our Theory Of Change leads the shift from being a performance-driven soldier in the old world of power, status and competition. To being a purpose-led builder of the new who fundamentally evolves it - as channeled through the three pillars of:

**Personal Purpose,

**Future Fit Work And

**Next Generation Leadership.

*Our Focused Intention is to:

**Embrace potentiality through loving well-being,

**Enable prosperity through generative wealth and

**Empower progress through evolutionary wisdom.

*Our Core Transformation is to shift:

**From losing ourselves in the external chase to connecting to inner fulfilment,

**From ticking the boxes of traditional success to creating a meaningful livelihood,

**From racing to the top of the existing career ladder to catalysing worthwhile momentum.

We embrace POTENTIALITY based on Loving Well-Being.

We connect to our INNER FULFILMENT to enable the most unique expression of who we are here to be in this NEW REALITY.  

We upgrade our own programming. So that we can unleash a new level of creative potential within ourselves, others and the world around us.

We enable PROSPERITY based on Generative Wealth.

We create MEANINGFUL LIVELIHOOD for ourselves and others - through new jobs, careers and businesses in the NEW ECONOMY. 

We integrate for purpose, for the new and for impact into everything we do. So that we can all make a good living doing good - supporting people and planet.

We empower PROGRESS based on Evolutionary Wisdom.

We catalyse WORTHWHILE MOMENTUM to bridge to a NEW SYSTEM that serves the greater whole - including generations to come. 

We facilitate powerful transformative space.  So that we can guide the shift to new ideas and approaches - with awareness, discernment and care.



We truly believe that we can do this.  That, if enough of us commit to being the brave builders of the new and take care of our own garden patch, we can create a new world - where we all flourish together deeply valuing people and planet.  

What it takes is for us to remember who we are here to be, do what we are here to do and make that difference only we can make. By investing in inner well-being, creating meaningful livelihoods and catalysing worthwhile evolution through our lives, work and leadership.

So join us by signing up below to Our Broadcasts From The New  to receive inspiration through our shorts, messages, letters, programmes and whatever else we feel called to create to support you.  Look forward to being on this adventure together!

Louise Le Gat, Founder Of A Purpose-Led World