The Core Activations To Make Your Right Living

In This New Reality

*Many leaders are feeling increasingly out of synch with the existing system.

*They are awakening to the desire for a next chapter or even a new book - where they make their life count by making a positive impact at this pivotal time.

*But not just any impact - they want to do something that inspires them, has meaning, does good, makes good money whilst at the same time honours the kind of world they want to live in and the lifestyle they aspire to. 

*Are you one of them?  If so congratulations, by doing that you are breaking new ground.  And you are part of the emerging movement of those of us who yearn to be purpose-led in their life, work and leadership. 

*The thing is that it is easy to get stopped in your tracks because you don't know how to make it work.  Either because you don't know what you want to do next, what the right path is for you now or how to actually catalyse the change you care about - let's face it you still have to pay your bills right.  

 *I created Purpose-Led Leaders to address that.  You can't use old maps to create a new world.  We focus on up-levelling you, your work and your leadership.  So that you can  take your place in the new positive impact world that is emerging. 


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'I hired Louise to help develop our young and future leaders in resilience, emotional intelligence and leading change. She opens up so many new ways of thinking through her coaching and ability to integrate the head, heart and strong intuition.

My personal experience has been one that will last a lifetime. Louise has been more than a coach but has helped me become a true transformation agent.

She has known exactly how and when to apply coaching and mentoring. So that I could change to become a leader I can be proud of. I would hire Louise again and again as I truly believe in her ability to inspire new possibilities and bring lasting transformation.’

Robert Paquin, Head of NCE College, Nestle

'You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something build a new model that makes the old model obsolete'.  

Buckminster Fuller


*Through our unique proprietary approach, we guide you to access your personal purpose, create your future fit work and step into your next generation leadership.  So that  you can bridge to what you are here to do at this time.  And advance the things you believe in.

Together we guide you to master the 12 Activations to being a purpose-led leader:

Personal Purpose

1. Balance: Center In Yourself

2. Care: Listen To Your Desires

3. Flow: Awaken Your Brilliance

4. Grow: Up-Level Your Identity

Future-Fit Work

5. Matter: Deepen Into Your Calling

6. Stand Out: Play To Your Strengths

7. Serve: Find Your People

8. Monetise: Package The Love

Next Generation Leadership

9. Engage: Partner For Impact

10. Inspire: Articulate Your Message

11. Alchemise: Transform For The Better

12. Magnetise: Elevate Through Presence


*It is not an easy journey, but it is so very worthwhile.  I hope you join us.

The Purpose-Led Leaders is a 12 months programme.  It includes every month:

  • A New Masterclass on one of The Purpose-Led Activations
  • A Live Purpose Call to deepen your understanding
  • A Personal Activation to deepen your awareness
  • A Reflection Practice to give you new insights
  • An Inspired Action to  move you forward
  • A Community of Purpose-Led Leaders to connect with