Equip Your People To Be On Purpose In What They Do And Create Powerful Purpose-Led Ecosystems That Enable Your Teams To Make A Real Difference.

We Need New Tools To Build A New World


We are living unprecedented times of great shift - where we are being called to upgrade our operating system on the planet - which has become unsustainable. And to transition to a new purpose-led economy based on the long term well-being of people and planet.  

As we navigate this transition, we are experiencing a new era of constant uncertainty, where we face the deep unknown and where the norm is to walk on unstable ground.
One driving force of this new economy is the rise of purpose-led organisations. With it, the world of work is facing both unparalleled opportunities, challenges and changes.  
One particular challenge is that our people were trained as good soldiers of the old system. Great at performing in, sustaining and winning at the status quo. But at being on purpose, evolving beyond the existing system and leading the way to new horizons, not so much.
What we need now are not just tweaks in innovation but quantum leaps. Ultimately let's face it we need to make the impossible real. And that is not going to happen with everyone staying nicely in their comfort zone - whilst a few pioneers, forward thinkers and change makers take the hits.  And so we need to support all our people to shift to being the brave builders of the new we need now.
In practice that means:
-Our People fully integrating purpose into their work and leadership
-Our Managers knowingly enabling purpose in their teams
-Our HR Leaders creating the right ecosystems in which purpose can flourish
At A Purpose-Led World, we have twenty years' experience working in the purpose and transformational leadership fields and fourteen specifically in the emerging new economy with intrapreneurs, social entrepreneurs and change makers. We would love to partner with you to activate purpose in your people your leaders and your organisation - based on our three pillars of Personal Purpose, Future Fit Work and Next Generation Leader.
We can work together in different ways:
-THE ROADMAP: Book us for Our Roadmap Masterclass Series - A New Approach To Actualise Your Purpose At This Pivotal Time On The Planet.
-THE METHOD: Bring us in to lead The Purpose-Led Method Course - our flagship programme to activate purpose in your people and/or your team.
-THE SCHOOL: Have your leaders join one of our public programmes in The Purpose-Led School.
-THE ECOSYSTEM: Invite us to collaborate as your sparing, creative and transformation partner to build a purpose-led ecosystem in your organisation.
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'I hired Louise to help develop our young and future leaders in resilience, emotional intelligence and leading change. She opens up so many new ways of thinking through her coaching and ability to integrate the head, heart and strong intuition.

My personal experience has been one that will last a lifetime. Louise has been more than a coach but has helped me become a true transformation agent.

She has known exactly how and when to apply coaching and mentoring. So that I could change to become a leader I can be proud of. I would hire Louise again and again as I truly believe in her ability to inspire new possibilities and bring lasting transformation.’

Robert Paquin, Head of NCE College, Nestle