Construct Your Purpose-Led Stages And Make That Difference Only You Can Make.


Welcome To The Glasshouse

The reason I created the online space called The Glasshouse is that, to fulfil our purpose, we need a safe, supportive, resourced place.  A space to seed, plant and nurture over and over again our next chapters - in line with the kind of world we want to see next.  As well as a fellowship of travellers on the same purpose-led journey as we are.  Otherwise we can feel hopeless, overwhelmed and alone.
What I have come to understand is that we build our purpose in waves, through bringing to life new concepts and birthing new projects that make up the book of our story.
In essence, being purpose-led is a creative act - or more accurately an ongoing act of creation.  It means tangibly bringing the new world you want to see into being - by expressing, creating and contributing to it from your own uniqueness.
It is like we are building over time our unique jigsaw from unique pieces that are buried deep in the emerging blueprint of our own becoming.
Creations serve as a way to bridge to your next level of self, work, and leadership. At their core, they are always about elevating your positioning, articulating your value proposition and bridging with your narrative into a new level of practical uniqueness fit for our times. And so that is what we support you with.
They can be anything from a job you would love more and that would have a different level of impact. To a program you would love to create, a talk you would love to give, a more innovative stand you would like to take or a new product offering in your business. Ultimately it is bringing a new version of how you channel your impact into the world and it evolves over time.
In that it has multiple facets. It asks that you become a new kind of human, worker and leader to build it.  An interesting mix of artist, alchemist and artisan - a new world gardener who consciously nurtures your most precious garden patch of heartfelt impact into being.
In its essence:
**The Artist: It is joyfully infusing your most potent flavour of magical brilliance out there.
**The Alchemist: It is peacefully venturing into the most uncharted lands of your very own becoming.
**The Artisan: It is lovingly bringing to life your most treasured visions through inspired actions.
Ultimately, it is brewing your own unique potion of evolutionary wisdom to catalyse the world in whatever way makes the most sense to you next.
Easier said than done. For that, you need to envision what is to come next, to become the you that can actually make it real and to skilfully navigate way outside of your comfort zone by taking inspired actions.
That is why you need a different kind of space outside of the busyness, reactiveness and chaos of business as usual. One where you will be encouraged, supported and guided to grow.  That is what The Glasshouse is.


What Imprint Do You Want To Leave On This World Of Ours?


*Being purpose-led, means embarking on an adventure as a brave builder of the new system.  Ultimately as an intrapreneur, a social entrepreneur or a new humanitarian.  
*That means not just talking about making a difference - but creating that new role or business, actually showing up in it in the right way and bringing real concrete change.  In essence we are being invited to not just think about doing good in the world - but to tangibly and practically build our next stage of purpose. 
*These kind of transitions are not easy at the best of times.  The thing is that this period has on top of that one unique challenge.  Where we are wanting to transition to doesn't really exist yet.
*The new system is something that we are building together.  It is not set.  It is emerging.  It is in its birthing stages.  We are literally building the plane as we are flying it.  The good news is that it means that we can be the ones to define it. In that sense it is a unique opportunity to direct your unique potential in a meaningful way for fundamental impact.  To actually be part of creating a new world on this planet - how amazing is that?!
*For that you need to not just wish to do good.  But to actually tangibly keep stepping up to new levels of expression, creation, contribution and leadership.  So that you can be the one to open yourself and others up to new horizons.
*That is why at The Glasshouse we guide you to turn on what we call your 'Creator Mind'.   So that you can incubate your next piece of the jigsaw - based on what you are meant to be creating next. And actually get the specific help you need to download the right vision, grow yourself in the right way and then make it real.
*Here we integrate not only training, but group coaching and masterminding to catalyse you into doing what you are here to do at this time - based on your specific stage of purpose.


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Sometimes it is time to write a new chapter or book.


*The Glasshouse integrates the different purpose-led stages.
*That is because although we yearn for full unique expression in our lives, our work and our leadership. Having that impact in practice is something that we build over time and in cycles - by embodying it in ourselves, channeling it towards adding value in a meaningful way and then sharing it in the world using the right presence, focus and words.
*These are in essence the transformative pathways we must walk to build what we are here to build - beyond simple rational plans of action we might have used in the past.  That is because your next level does not get built in a linear way. There is more depth, mystery and magic to it. It involves learning to dance with the creation process itself and partnering with the intelligence of life in a new way.
*Practically, each stage asks for a specific transformation of your inner landscape - so that you can become the leader that is able to create what you want to create next. The stages are:
**The Wayshower Path
**The Mapmaker Path
**The Architect Path
*This is the piece that most of us usually miss when we try to actually build our next chapter. We focus only on objectives and linear plans - whilst here we partner with you to deeply up-level yourself to deliver on your unique vision for impact.


Who Is The Person You Need To Become
To Build The World You Want To See Next?




When you come into The Glasshouse, you will be matched to a specific purpose stage - to mirror how your purpose gets built through walking through different thresholds.  Here are the different stages of purpose.  Which one resonates with you the most?


STAGE 1: The Wayshower Stage - Create Your New Role
'Become that focal point of light that others navigate by.'
The focus here is to STEP UP in your life, work and leadership.  The symptoms are that you have been working in the old system up until now. But that you now feel increasingly out of synch with uninspired in and unmotivated by business as usual.  It all seems quite pointless and you wish you could have more of a positive impact. You want to get clear on what you should be doing next, the path there and start feeling that you are making a real difference.  But you are not sure what you want, how to get there or what your right next step is.
What you are being called to is to find your place in this new system.  At this stage it means transitioning your current skills and expertise - by contributing what you already know, mixing it with what you love and is calling you next and making it relevant for the new world.  In a way that is much more in line with your unique potential, what you really want to be doing and advances the new system.  To do that you will need to draw on your unconventional expertise, create your transition job and connect with your like minded network in the new.
STAGE 2: The Mapmaker Stage - Birth Your New Concepts
'We can't use old maps to create a new world. We have to carve new pathways.'
This is for those of you who are already playing in the new system and are having a positive impact. You are now being called to a new level of unique expression in what you do. To offer something that is different - using your intended potential to positively impact in an original, novel and forward thinking way.  The key being to STAND OUT at a meaningful level.  
The symptoms are that you have been coasting and you are stuck in a comfort zone you have outgrown. It seems that whatever you do you are tired, you can't quite find that motivation anymore and things have come to a standstill. The issue is that you have got yourself stuck in a box of your own making that is too small. And you are being called to trust in your out of the box ideas, incubate your novel offering and magnetise with your leading-edge thought leadership.  
STAGE 3: The Architect Stage - Plug In Your New Ecosystems
'I have been to the future.  We won.'
This stage is about building a legacy that outlives you - something profound that fundamentally shifts your industry.  It asks that you make real that unique vision that serves what you want to be most remembered for.  The key is to LEAVE YOUR  MARK in a way that fundamentally up-levels the system and is long lasting.  
The symptoms are that you feel called to a much greater form of leadership. It is about claiming your new paradigm authority, downloading your world redefining roadmap and constructing your game changing infrastructure.  And that serves the evolution of society as a whole and will stand the test of time.
 'Louise has a truly unique way of coaching that takes you on a journey deep inside you.
She has the ability to see beyond the obvious and helps you uncover parts of your true self that were hidden or you did not even remember existed.
Gentle, patient, encouraging while also being firm and challenging, all by creating an environment of trust and openness to go deeper each time.
Louise's coaching has helped me to become a healthier, happier and more fulfilled person. As well as giving me the confidence to really step up as a leader and become a conscious transformation agent.'
Yvonne Vrba, Head of IT Governance & Transformation Change, Bobst


The Glasshouse offers training, group coaching and masterminding based on your different stages - using our 'Creator Mind' Technology.  So that you can get the transformation, guidance and resources you need.
The idea is not just to think about things - but to actually create something that moves you forward.
You work on a project that you define as we work together - actually building something that catalyses you to your next stage.  
That can include you experimenting with a new area of contribution and impact, up-levelling your skills, harnessing your brilliance in a new way, evolving your positioning, upgrading your value proposition, putting together your intrapreneurial project, creating a business, giving a signature speech or showcasing your thought leadership.
It is based on a yearly membership and it includes online training, group coaching sessions and group masterminding sessions based on your specific stage, a private online community as well as access to both The Gathering and The Haven.  
Two Investment Options:
  • Option 1: Group¬†Option Only - CHF2,500 (+VAT for Swiss Residents)
  • Option 2: Add Three Hours of Individual Coaching to include a deeper dive with Louise (spaces limited) - CHF3,500 (+VAT for Swiss Residents)
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