Integrate Your Purpose-Led Habits To Remember Who You Are Here To Be Now.


*We are at a pivotal point that I call the in-between.  Where the unsustainable aspects of the old system are being shaken up.  So that they can fall.  And we are being tasked with building a new world where we can flourish together.  
*But we haven't done it yet.  We are just starting in fact.  So things are rocky to say the least.
*In the midst of this great transition, whether we like it or not, profound change is the only given going forward.  And for the rest, the new reality is one of constant uncertainty, of deep unknown and where unstable is the new norm - which can feel overwhelming. Sound familiar?
*In this context it is easy to get caught up in reacting to external circumstances.  And to end up feeling exhausted, lost and alone - unsure what to do next and what our place in all of this is.
*Still each one of us is tasked with an essential choice - will we go down with the existing ship or choose to rise for the world we want to see next.
*This period is actually doing what it is meant to be doing.  Which is to snap us out of our usual auto-pilot and everyday groove.  And have us dig deeper into what has been driving us, what our purpose is now and what we want to create next. 
A Shelter To Take A Breath.
A Refuge To Weather The Storm.
A Sanctuary To Get Back To Yourself.  


*Most people at this point try and find their purpose 'out there' - that magic pill that is going to make it alright.  But that is not how purpose works.
*Purpose starts with yourself - or more importantly with reconnecting with yourself and what is important to you now.  That means turning inwards and listening to what you know is true for you now.  Easy right?  Well, not really. The reality is that most of us find that extremely hard to do and are not sure where to start, let alone how to keep it going.
* This is where The Haven comes in.  It is designed as a sanctuary to restore your connection to yourself - a core building block of purpose.  So that you can get back to what is true for you now - beyond the everyday distractions.
*The answers you are looking for are inside of you.  The thing is that it is easy to forget that.  Because we hardly take time out for ourselves - to listen in.  And even less over the last few years - when we actually have needed it the most.  
*As a result, we end up missing in action from our own lives.  Lost in the chase for external success.  And with our life being simply the juggling of different tasks.
*At its core The Haven is about making it easy for you to get back to yourself.  It provides a safe port. So that you can regain your inspiration and re-anchor in your own inner Haven.  And from there, navigate towards what matters to you most - whatever is happening in the outer world.
*So let me ask you... when was the last time you visited yourself?  Actually pressed the pause button and took a deep breath?  Turned inwards and checked in on what you really wanted? And listened to the wisdom of your very own inner knowing?
*The Haven gives you the structure, practices and tools to do just that.
'To Know What Your Purpose Is,
Visit Yourself Often'

Louise Le Gat



*Taking yourself on retreat or on holiday is a great way to get back to you.  But that usually means leaving everything  behind for a short period.  And then when you return you quickly get back to the same old hamster wheel.

*What The Haven does is to enable you to integrate the spirit of well-being into your everyday life - by building your own Daily Retreat Practice. It is based on our framework of the 4Rs of Retreat:  

Renew, Reconnect, Reflect, Realign.

*We like to think of it as the 'paint by numbers' of taking time for yourself.  It gives you the tools to tune back in by building positive energy habits.  Starting with just 15mins a day and of course more if you are able to.  

'What Is It You Plan To Do
With Your One Wild And Precious Life?'  
Mary Oliver




*This not simply another meditation App.  It is specifically designed for those of us who are called to contribute and want to make a real difference at this pivotal time on the planet. It is for those of us who want to align to our purpose and deliver on it.  Even if we don't know what that purpose is yet.
*It is also important to acknowledge that bringing the evolution that you are here to bring is probably not going to be a simple walk in the path.  
*This time, that I call The Time Of Lighthouses, is about massive change.  It is going to be like being in the midst of a raging storm in the middle of the Atlantic with 10 metre high waves.  And you have to keep steering no matter what is thrown at you.  The waves are going to keep coming as they rock our foundations to the core.  Literally this is what this time is about.
*I know I am really selling this!  Still this is about you choosing for the greatest adventure of your life at a pivotal time in the history of humanity. You get to now decide whether you are going to be a simple passenger, a reluctant prisoner or an active participant in all of this.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get on course and stay on it.  So that you can act for the new world you want to see next.  Ultimately this is as meaningful and important as it gets.
*And still it is not easy.  So that is why this space is designed as a haven where you can catch your breath.  Where you can orient, connect and take care of yourself. To make sure you steer rather than just being tossed around.
*For that purpose, we share regular wisdom and inspiration through our Messages For Lightkeepers. These provide guidance in terms of attuning and responding to what is going on in the larger frame of things.  So that you can surf the waves as they come in.  
'Happiness Can Be Found, Even In The Darkest Of Times,
If One Only Remembers To Turn On the Light.'

Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter


*Imagine having at your finger tips a way of tuning into yourself and what is important to you:

**Having a simple method to always get back to your purpose and to stay on purpose.

**Being able to plug into a visualisation when you need it or have a spare moment to recharge.  

**Having easy prompts at your finger tips you can use for journaling or to generally reflect on where you are at and what you really want.    

**Drawing on new insights and timeless wisdom to inspire you and help you navigate through the choppy waters of our transitioning world. 


The Haven is a lifeline into another world.  It works as a 12 months membership to our online space and includes:

*Our signature The Purpose-Led Method course - coming January 2024.

*The 4Rs Of Retreat Guidance and Practices - Based On Our Recenter, Reconnect, Reflect And Realign Framework.

*The Positive Energy H.A.B.I.T.S Daily Practice Sheets and Centering Practices To Break Out Of The Stress Spiral

*A Library of Positive Energy Habits With:


**Journaling Prompts

**Inspired Actions

**Our Collection of The Whispers recordings, insights and questions to connect to your own wisdom and to the part of you that knows the way.

*Plus our Messages For Lightkeepers to help you navigate the ups and downs of this unprecedented 'in-between' period we are living in.  

*Access Through our Mobile App, as well as on your desktop. So that you can listen from anywhere - the train, the park, on a hike, the beach.  Because who wants to sit doing this at a desk anyway!


'Remember That You Are Unique.  You Are So Unique That In The Whole History Of Humanity, There Will Never Ever Be Anyone Else Like You. That Is How Precious You Are.'

Louise Le Gat, A Purpose-Led World