Are You A Wayshower?

Sep 17, 2019

Do you believe that you can really transform your life and your work?

Recently I was talking to a client... She was explaining that she had been sharing my details with some of her friends and colleagues.  She was frustrated because she knew they could really benefit from my help.  But she was confused as to why they weren't reaching out to me.  I told her it was because they were either not ready - it wasn't painful enough yet.  Or that they had lost hope that they could really change things.

What I have found is this... often deep down we have given up on really transforming our lives and our work.  A few tweaks here and there are fine - like buying a new sofa, going to a yoga class or sending our CV out for a job we know we are qualified for.  

But what about more profound changes... like the ones that lead to something more fulfilling or create a more meaningful impact?  It often seems like a pipe dream or just plain overwhelming.  How can we find the time for that?  And how would we go about it anyway?  

One of my coaches once told me: 'Be kind to the cynics, because they are the ones who have given up on their most precious dreams'.  What I know is that deep and fundamental transformation is possible. I am not saying it is easy.  As I always say to the people who work with me: 'It is not easy, but it is so very worthwhile'. 

But there is one thing that definitely makes it easier... and that's the wayshowers.  The ones who go for it and fully embrace transformation.  The ones you can look to who are making the changes in their own lives. When I started on my journey I was desperate to find those people - the ones who had done it before.  Who had managed the transformation I was yearning for... and more.  The ones that kept pushing the boundaries in their lives - so that they could live truer lives.  So that I would know that it was possible.

If you are yearning for transformation then find your wayshowers...  Those who have already opened the way.  

And for those of you who are going first... who are the wayshowers...let me celebrate you.

You are the ones taking a real stand for transformation.  It is not easy and you definitely get bruises on the way.  But remember that nothing will change if you don't keep standing.  

You are the light bearers, the ones that call for evolution and show that it is possible.  You are the example that others can follow.  Even if your path is messy, at least you are on the path.  And over time you will optimise it and find the shortcuts.

So as I said to my client who wanted to inspire the people around her: 'It is you showing that transformation is possible in your life that will make the difference.  That will help them get beyond their cynicism.  So keep shining, standing and transforming.  Be unwavering about that.'

Even when they make it hard for you... when I did my career change my harshest doubters were two of the people closest to me... my mum and my best friend.  All is forgiven now, but at the time it was was hard.  

The funny thing is that within 6 months of me succeeding at my career change, they both did a career change too!  I understood later that my transformation was a little bit too close for comfort.  Because if I changed, then a lot of their excuses would fall away.

When I started to use complimentary therapies to help me deal with my illness.  My grandfather kept challenging me hard about it - not in a friendly way.  

Eventually we had a good conversation about it. He had been a doctor for 50 years.  It turned out that the results I was getting with complimentary therapies were challenging his world view.  It had him question whether he had done enough to be the healer he wanted to be. If his career had been a waste.

The result is we made a deal... he researched the science behind complementary therapies - whilst I was the guinea pig experimenting with them.  And we had amazing conversations about how the alternative approaches could complement mainstream medicine.  

My stand helped him evolve his thinking to become more of the person he really wanted to be.

On that note... let me celebrate the brave souls who have chosen to embrace transformation this cycle...  

  • Some of you are my private coaching clients and we have just started mapping out a new level of transformation. I celebrate you...
  • Some of you have just started the Positive Energy Academy.  And are digging deep into the learning of the first online module. So that you can create your version of your fulfilling, meaningful work that has a positive impact.  I celebrate you...
  • And some of you are really going full out - embracing your true leadership in the world and creating your legacy work - in the Evolution Leader Mastermind starting with a retreat this week-end.  I celebrate you...
  • And others...I may not know you or be working with you right now... but you have decided to make a stand this cycle... I celebrate you...

 I want to celebrate you, because it is you showing up for your own transformation that changes the world.

And for those of you yearning for transformation, here is a little bit of inspiration.  So that soon it will be your transform your life and become a wayshower for others.

Here is something to listen to...

Over the summer, I was interviewed by Francis Rodino of the Quantum Identity Podcast about my story of transformation. Here is the link to that conversation.

Here is something to read...

At the beginning of the summer I was also featured in the I'm Loving Me Project - set to impact 1 million women across the world.  They asked me who I had become through my transformation. Here is the link to the article.

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