Do You Know Where You Are Going?

Sep 30, 2020

Change of Energy

In the Northern hemisphere we have just passed the Autumn Equinox, when the days start getting shorter again.  In nature it is the time of harvest and preparing for the new.  

I decided a long time ago to attune my own process of evolution to mirror the cycles of nature.  We all have innate potential that is seeded in us and wants to express itself.  We are a part of nature and at some level are coded to its rhythms of transformation and transition.

Ending A Chapter And Beginning A New One

Traditionally, we celebrate January as the time of new beginnings with our new year resolutions.  But we forget that in nature the process starts much earlier than that.  

In nature, September/October/November are a time of harvest, endings and reorganising - when we collect the bounty of the last year, complete this chapter and move on to prepare the soil for the new crop.  

So this is a time to harvest what you have created in the past 12 months - integrate the lessons learnt and complete anything still left undone. It is also when the vision of the new starts to tug at you - by pulling you inwards to take stock, stop and listen in.  

A time of reflection when we start to turn inwards to see what wants to emerge next - what your next level is calling you to connect to, deepen into and birth into the world.  To plant the new seeds that will break ground in the Spring.

Purpose Beyond Chaos

2020 was definitely not what we all expected - not what we would put on a vision board. But that does not have to derail our purpose or our ability to realise our potential for good.  We are at the beginning of a new cycle.  So how do we make the most of it? 

It starts with knowing the difference between nice ideas of external things we would like to achieve and real aligned purpose.

It takes that we stop reacting to life and instead choose to consciously create what matters to us - no matter what.

It is understanding that manifesting our seeded purpose always involves transforming ourselves.  And honouring that inner process of transformation even when the external world seems to be descending into chaos we can’t control.

Facing The Unknown

This year definitely didn’t look anything like I had envisaged(!) Full disclosure, there were points where I even thought I might lose my business. But still as I harvest this year, I have come to realise that I have birthed what I envisioned and planted last Autumn.  

Walking the purpose journey for 20 years equipped me for these times.  Even though it is still tough.  You get used to facing the unknown and hacking new paths through jungles others fear to even consider.  And ‘unknown crazy’ is still just unknown - with its usual mixture of uncertainty and opportunity.

By understanding how purpose works you can keep walking.  Because when you are committed to purpose and transformation, you are not just reacting to the outside. You keep taking the steps and tugging at the red thread.

Focused on why you are here, showing up with what you can uniquely contribute and knowing how to harness your full creative potential to lead the way. You consciously and methodically create something aligned and on purpose.

The Dawn Of A New Age

At the beginning of this year I had this thought that kept coming that we had 10 years to make the shift.  That it was the time for the leaders that would lead to the new to emerge, take their place and quickly ramp up.  

Covid definitely put our foot on the accelerator.  I have never until now seen so much activity in the 'People, Planet, Profit' arena.  New careers are being created everyday.  New business opportunities are being carved out of new vision.  And new money is looking for projects.

We are at a pivotal time when there is fear as to what is ending.  But within that is also a new beginning - the new economy is birthing now with new ways of living, working and leading.

The wave is definitely coming .  And it is looking for would be leaders (even if reluctant) to help us find our way. Maybe it is time to consider where you fit into all this.  Or if you are already contributing, to accelerate and expand your impact.

On that note...

Here are 4 sets of questions to help you mark this time of closing and new beginnings.  And if you want to see what I am harvesting you can find what I am celebrating below.

  • Harvest: What are you celebrating?  What have you achieved that is meaningful to you in the last 12 months?
  • Completions: How can you complete the existing cycle in the best way possible?  What is still outstanding?
  • Alignment: Where are you on purpose?  Where are you not on purpose?
  • New Vision: What wants to emerge next?  What do you really desire? What is your next chapter going to be about?

And if you feel like this is your time to step into your purpose or go to another level of it. Then get in touch, I have a 6 months online Accelerator starting in October and there are a couple of spots left on it. The Academy is currently open for enrolment and I am also running some online private retreats.  

Until Next Time,


PS: Here is what I am personally harvesting and celebrating this cycle...

You amazing people...

First of all, I want to celebrate all you amazing people I have had the chance of working with throughout this year.  You brave and magnificent souls who are taking the leap to create new ways of living, working and leading on this planet. 

The whole Positive Energy Academy being online...

I am also harvesting and celebrating that the whole of The Positive Energy Academy is now fully online - a starter module and 12 foundations modules.  

It has been a labour of love this year.  And the result is a beautiful, deep and effective online school for the next generation leaders who are craving purpose, meaning and making their positive mark on the world.

When we were at school we were trained to fit into and succeed in the existing system.  To maintain the status quo - not to evolve it.  The Academy bridges that gap.

It is for those of you who deep down know that you are here for a purpose and want to activate it.  

It provides you with the tools to create work that feels fulfilling and meaningful.  And to become an inspirational and transformation leader who is building the caring sustainable world of tomorrow… and still paying the bills.  Basically, the stuff we weren’t taught at school, but that would be really useful now...

Thought leadership and evolving the world through new ideas

My theme this year was leadership and movement maker.  I initially thought that it would be attracting lots of people to my existing work.  

But what has become clear is that it has been about going to another level of depth in my thought leadership.  And focusing only on serving a specific soulmate tribe of people - instead of diluting my message and making it more vanilla to appeal to a wider audience. 

Interestingly that has reaped a new level of recognition - to be honest not what I expected… 

And so I am celebrating speaking at the Swiss Mission during Davos this year about what it takes as leaders to step up to build the world of tomorrow.  

Being invited to speak on Next Generation Leadership and Evolving Careers And Leadership at the WIN Global Leadership Conference in partnership with IMD this week.  

Being on The Impact Hub’s Faculty for The Intrapreneurship Academy starting in October where I will be training on purpose and inspiring and transformational leadership - alongside Gib Bulloch (the father of Intrapreneurship) and John Herniman (a veteran business leader who has just finished a PHD on Intrapreneurship at Cranfield University).  

And finally teaching purpose and self leadership at The Geneva University Summer School on their Sustainable Transitions programme.


Photo by Ryan Graybill on Unsplash


Meet Louise...

Louise is a Next Generation Leadership Catalyst and Advocate.  

She helps leaders who are successful but feel that something is missing create and step into impact driven careers and leadership.  Specifically she guides them align to purpose, create meaningful work and become the Next Generation Leaders they are meant to be. Aka the Visionaries, Innovators and System Shifters who are building the loving sustainable world of tomorrow where we can all flourish.

She is the Founder and CEO of Positive Energy Leaders and the Creator of The Positive Energy Academy - An online course, incubator and transformational community for leaders to create and sustain fulfilling, meaningful work that has a positive impact. Click here to find out more about the Positive Energy Academy



We truly believe that we can do this.  That, if enough of us commit to being purpose-led leaders and take care of our own garden patch, we can build a new world where we can all flourish together - where we deeply value people, planet and prosperity.

All it takes is for us to  remember who we are, do what we are here to do and make that difference only we can make. 

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Louise Le Gat, Founder Of The Purpose-Led School