Emerging Into The New Normal

Jun 08, 2021
As we get more and more vaccinated here in Switzerland, I can see the Spring shoots of the new normal emerging - the possibility of a new life beyond Covid lockdowns.
I thought that it would bring new inspiration.  But instead my energy took an unexpected crash.  It surprised me.  I don’t know where you are at but in case that is also happening to you, here is the new awareness I got when I dug deeper into it all.
1.  It Takes Energy
I realised that I keep forgetting how much energy it takes to just keep going at the moment. 
I am pretty good at managing my energy.  But I am realising that it is a fine balance because the uncertainty of it all - and the constant navigating outside of our comfort zone - is so draining.  And so all it took was me taking on a couple of projects that turned out to be quite draining.  And a more intense reaction than expected to the vaccine. 
Normally I have enough reserves to weather that kind of thing.  But I have to keep reminding myself of how much energy just staying afloat during a pandemic takes.  And that is even before you add on top of it the normal stresses of every day life and work. 
So lesson 1 is to keep consciously managing your energy even if we are coming to a different stage. Remember that just compensating for the pandemic drain takes massive energy. And be selective as to what you take on.  Make sure it feels inspiring to you.  And that you consciously integrate into your day things that give you energy.
2. Only Fools Rush In
For many of us we are lucky to be entering a new phase in terms of Covid.  Hopefully for the better.  So it is easy to rush in. 
But it is still a change. Particularly as Covid was always meant to be a pivotal moment. Still it is tempting to simply try and get back to ‘normal’.
My energy crash reminded me that it wasn’t actually a time to push forward.  But to turn inwards and exhale.  That it was important to stop and take stock.
That as things ease I would need some time to make sense of what has happened and what it meant for me and my work.  That it will bring to the surface unprocessed emotions.  And that it will ask us to review where we have been and where we want to go from here.
The world now is not the same world as 18 months ago.  Covid has changed us catalysing the new economy to a completely new level.  And we need the time to get clear on what that means for each one of us now. 
I made some dedicated time for journalling and realised that something new was wanting to emerge that I needed to take the time to capture. And my energy went straight back up.
My Lesson 2 is to not rush unconsciously into the next stage.  And instead to take time to process the experience of the last 18 months and reflect on what we want to create next. Or more accurately what wants to be created through us now.  New normal needs to be indeed new - not just the old in disguise wallpapered over undigested cracks.
3.  Be Tender
This was a big week for me as it was the first time I attempted to see some friends for a very long time. 
One of my challenges during Covid is that I have immune system issues.  So even with the vaccine it feels like I will still need to be careful - at least until we have a complete handle on variants.
The truth is that I feel very vunerable as a result.  Because I am more dependent on the kindness and care of others than normal.  And I realised that one of the big energy drains was the fear that people would not understand.  That they would start to pressurise me to do things I would feel uncomfortable with.  And judge and shame me if I didn’t comply.  This has happened during this period at different times - so I was afraid I would be put in more and more difficult situations. 
So it was with a lot of trepidation that I put my first foot forward.   Still this week I saw a few friends outside and socially distanced.  That was made possible because they were willing to embrace the new normal and be creative to make it a wonderful experience. 
I got a socially distanced seat with my own sanitiser, drinks and snacks.  They had thought of everything. 
We talked in a real way about how it had been for all of us and it felt so very healing.
They taught me lesson 3 which is let us connect in our vulnerability and be deeply caring and compassionate to each other - rather than just being tough.  So that our human sensitivity and the intimacy that comes from real connection can heal us.
Through the energy crash, the fear, the vulnerability I realised that there was also grace.  The grace that comes from being human and beginning a new chapter together. 
So what I am really present to is this… that instead of a time to push through and rush in, maybe this is a time of opening up to ourselves and each other in a more tender way.  So that what we create next is truly at another level.
Until Next Time,
PS   And if you need help with this get in touch at [email protected].  This is exactly what The Positive Energy Academy is for. Covid has changed the fabric of our world in a fundamental way.  At the core is the activation of the new economy and the acceleration of the era of responsible business.  This offers huge opportunities for all of us in terms of on purpose work and businesses.  This is where the Academy fits in.  It supports leaders who are successful but feel that something is missing create fulfilling work aligned to their right livelihood and become the inspiring agents of positive transformation they are meant to be.  It gives you the tools to stop, reflect and activate your next level potential in the right way.



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