How Do You Find Your Calling?

calling leadership meaningful work Mar 05, 2019

I was recently asked: ‘How do I find my calling?’

If you don’t know what your calling is your life’s work. What you really want your life to be about. It basically comes down to what you care about and the real difference you want to make.

In essence, finding your calling means aligning your goals and your work to who you really are - to your personal interests, your values, your passions... In practice, it is an ongoing work in progress. It is not somewhere you get to. It is something you grow into.

Living your calling can seem pretty unattainable. Getting up in the morning and to work is often hard enough.  So calling becomes this distant thing you will get to... someday. 

To change that, here are some practical ways to bring it closer to real life - without completely changing your career or working for an NGO.

1. Redefine Success: Often we loose ourselves in the chase for success. So start taking the time to hear yourself again.

One of my clients, used to go and sit at lunch time in a beautiful place and ponder the meaning of his life. If it rained he took his car.

Begin by reflecting on what is important to you. Then make more space for the things that really matter to you. Start small. I tell my clients: ‘All it takes is 15 mins a day...’.

2. Express Your True Potential: You have true innate potential. When you are aligned to it you feel energised.

We are trained from a young age to achieve and reach high. But that is often done in sacrifice. We are not shown what is the best of us and how to bring that out in the world. Let alone make money from it.

There is a difference between being competent at something and truly shining. So start expressing your brilliance. Again baby steps...notice what energises you in your work. And start doing more of that everyday.

3. Lead To Your Big Vision: Step up and lead to something better that you care about.

Ok so this isn’t a baby step... this is a leap of faith... but ultimately this is where you want to get to...

As one of my coaches one said to me: ‘When are you going to start making up problems that are worth getting up for in the morning?’

We all have more power than we think to impact things for the better. For that we have to be brave enough to stand up. But we are often so focused on pleasing others - especially the levels above us that we fail to use it in the right way.

So what is it that you care about making better in the world today? And how can you start doing that right here, right now?

Until next time,

Louise Le Gat is an experienced facilitator, retreat leader and executive coach, and creator of the ‘Positive Energy Leaders’ Journey. She helps leaders who are at a pivotal moment in their careers get inspired, align to their real purpose and step into their true leadership.



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Louise Le Gat, Founder Of The Purpose-Led School