Let Go Of What No Longer Serves

Oct 21, 2019

Continuing on my Autum theme of rest and reflection, here is something on letting go.

One of my rituals is decluttering my space every six months - in the Autumn and in the Spring. I give away or let go of what no longer serves me. And I make an effort to repair or mend the things I keep. Clients often ask me how I do my decluttering. So here are some thoughts...

The Three Questions...

When it comes to knowing what to keep or give away, there are 3 questions ask yourself:

  • Do I Love It?
  • Is It Me Now?
  • Does It Nourish Me?

The idea is to upgrade your environment to reflect who you have become and are becoming. And to surround yourself with things that nurture you.

I always say to my clients: ‘Everything has an energetic impact on you - it either energises or drains you - so choose wisely!’ That little skirt might have been great 10 years ago - but is it really reflecting the truth of who you are now?

Physical Declutter

So try it... look around you at home (or at the office although I realise you may not have as much control)...

  • How do your surroundings make you feel? What do you need to let go of?  Do the same with your clothes, your files, your cupboards, ... you know how sometimes stuff has got stuck in a cupboard for a very long time... well it is time to free it...
  • I am particularly bad at holding on to books and emails...or sometimes we hold on to things connected to old projects that we will never truly complete. Where do you tend to hold on to stuff?
  • What can you still use if you repair, alter or transform it? I have for example this amazing seamstress and she makes me new things using material from my old clothes.

This isn’t just about then going to buy loads of new stuff. It is part of a cycle of becoming much more conscious of what you buy - so that it nourishes you. And then when it doesn’t, finding places to pass it on to others that might benefit.

Emotional Letting Go

A deeper way of letting go and decluttering happens at the level of stuck emotions and unhelpful thoughts. To work with those...

  • Burn it: Take a piece of paper and write down all the unhelpful thoughts and beliefs you have... any patterns of behaviours that don’t serve you anymore... and when you have done that, burn the paper. It is a symbolic way of telling your unconscious that these are no longer welcome.
  • Resolve it: Stop ignoring emotions that keep coming up for you. Take some time to listen to them and resolve them. For example recently I had a sad feeling that kept coming up. And I was able to get clear that I needed to make more time for just pure enjoyment.

Relationship Clean Up

  • Complete what you have neglected. Are there people you need to clean things up with? Where do you need to make amends? Where have you been out of integrity? 
  • Are there relationships you need to let go of completely? You know ...those relationships that you know are not good for you...but you still keep going back to...
  • Are some relationships time for an upgrade? Are they a bit like a washing machine, that is always on the same cycle? Sometimes it is time for a truth conversation as to what is not working for you and what you would like to create instead with that person. What could you do to upgrade the quality of your relationships?

Let me know how your letting go goes.

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Photo by Nathan Lindahl on Unsplash

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