Purpose Is A Way Of Travelling, Not A Destination

Jun 28, 2019
People often ask me: ’How do I find my purpose in life?’
I tell them that purpose is not a destination, it is a way of travelling.  That it is not something for you to find, but someone for you to become. And that from there your purpose emerges....
What will you regret?
5 years ago, I found myself in a hospital bed being rushed into intensive care - with a suspected stroke.  
As I said goodbye to my partner, I suddenly realised that this could be the last time that I would see him.  And the question came: ‘Louise, what will you regret?’ 
Something just clicked in my brain - a hidden trapdoor sprung open.    From which a ready-made checklist to assess my life emerged.  It came in the form of three questions:
1. ‘Have you experienced enough joy? The measure being 'have you done enough of what your heart truly wanted?’
2. ‘Are you at peace?  The test being 'have you contributed enough of your true self?'
3. ‘Have you loved enough? The key being 'have you deeply valued and appreciated both yourself and others in your life?’
The shift to purpose
In that moment I got a new perspective on meaning and purpose.
I understood that it wasn’t about just doing cool things or even doing good in the world.  
It was about inner care, authentic contribution and serving love.  
The real test was how willing I was to:
  • Really listen to myself,
  • Embody my innate potential and
  • Nurture mutual value.  
Sing Your Own True Song 
What made the difference was not what I had achieved externally.  It was the ongoing inner work I had done.  I had been at it for 14 years.  
The full commitment to going beyond what I was told I should be.  The daily struggle of shedding the layers of who I was trained to be.  To slowly remember and trust in the person I came to be.
Ultimately it is about understanding that your real value lies not in what you accumulate - money, accolades, status or even the world thinking you are a good person.  But in the extent to which you touch the world with your unique presence - however it is received.  
It is not about seeking external validation, but about singing your own true song whatever happens. And doing that in a way that is respectful of yourself and others and their journey.
A New Way Of Showing Up
Until then I still believed that purpose, meaning and impact were a destination.  Still things I had to chase. 
I finally understood that they were actually a way of travelling. That it was not just whether, but how I showed up. And that in practice it means to:
   1.    Be willing to choose your heart's desire. Get out of your everyday busyness and your logical mind.  Come back to how you feel and what you really need.  Your sacrifice serves no-one.  Listen inside and let that guide you.
   2.    Dig deep inside for lost parts of your potential. Uncover disowned aspects of yourself - qualities, talents, core drivers. Overcome your conditioning and stop chasing external validation or recognition.   Understand instead that your true value comes from showing up with your true gifts.
   3.    Take a loving stand for what matters to you. Beyond fear and self-doubt, be the catalyst for change.  Step up and lead to something better. Have the courage to express what is true for you instead of just pleasing others.  And do that in a way that creates something more loving and respectful for everyone.
I would love to say I was perfect at all of that - but I wasn’t.  Yes, I had done enough to have no regrets for now. Still I could also see how much more I could do. It was and will always be a work in progress.  Letting those questions guide me, every day.

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