The 4 Pillars Of Next Generation Leadership

Jul 21, 2020

A Next Generation Leader is someone who feels called to contribute from their inspiration, purpose and humanity. They are naturally drawn to embody more humane values. They often don't really see themselves as leaders.  But they want to somehow make the world a better place.

The Untapped Potential of A Next Generation Leader

One of my favorite quotes is: 'If you feel like you don't fit into the world you inherited it is because you were born to help create a new one.' (Ross Caligiuri)

This applies perfectly to Next Generation leaders. Their potential is to lead the charge to a new sustainable loving world where we can all flourish. They have the innate ability to catalyse that new world into being. Bringing new blueprints for how we live and work on this planet. They are not here to maintain the status quo. They are here to evolve it.

Reluctant leaders, they are often not aware of their power. Unconscious as to what they are made for, they focus on fitting into the existing system and succeeding at it.

However, there comes a point when the call to something greater comes. A pivotal moment when you start to feel that something is missing on the inside. And you yearn for something more meaningful and on purpose.

Answering The Call

That is when the journey to become a Next Generation Leader begins in earnest. And with that the desire to realign your work and develop a different set of leadership capabilities.

Leaving behind the performance focus of simply maintaining or tweaking the existing status quo. Instead choosing to answer the deeper call to catalyse your creative potential through your unique self-expression.

This is where the 4 pillars of Positive Energy Leadership come in. At their core is the premise that your greatest impact comes from touching the world with your unique essence. That purpose is not a destination but a way of travelling. An ever deepening journey into aligning to and expressing who you really are.

The 4 Pillars

Beyond technical knowledge, the pillars operate as a blueprint for you to uncover your own operating manual. They are both a set of skills and a path of inner transformation.

Ultimately, they enable you to step into what you are made for. To birth your potential and leadership in the world. To create fulfilling meaningful work that has a positive impact and at the same time to embody this new breed of leadership.

1. Inspired Human.

This is about reconnecting to yourself and what matters to you. How can you inspire anyone to anything, if you aren't inspired yourself?

We are trained for performance and to tick the external boxes of success. In that chase for success, you disconnect from yourself. You lose yourself in the race to the top. And you forget who you are and what you are here for.

Inspiration brings you back to who you are and what is important to you. Its whispers lead you back home to yourself.

2. Genuine Expert.

We often have a lot of expertise and knowledge. But this expertise is not always based on your personal operating model. A tell tale sign of that is when you are good at your work but it drains you.

Your expertise and work needs to be soldily founded in your innate potential. Enhancing it rather than burying it.

It means fully understanding and embracing your own operating manual. Immerse in that and how that works and then build your expertise from there.

As then you will express yourself through your expertise. You make your ‘weirdness’ and uniqueness into your greatest asset. You combine your creative potential with your knowledge to earn a living. Within that lies the space to bring fundamentally new ways of doing things into your domain of expertise.

3. Evolution Agent.

This is about being an inspiring and transformation leader. It is owning that to be this next generation leader you need to engage people in a new way. To invite them to a new possibility and support them in joining you there.

In this area, too many leaders are either hiding or rebelling. Rebelling is like the adolescent who complains about authority figures. But never really steps into his own authority. Driven by anger, frustration or wanting to be right, they never inspire nor tangibly create new possibility. In contrast, hiding is not saying anything very much at all. Even if it feels out of integrity. Being dependent on external validation for your self-worth, you end up stuck in a pleasing paradigm.

As an evolution leader, you consciously and compassionately catalyse and guide transformation. You inspire others to new possibility.  You meet people where they are and bring them with you to a new level.

4. Empowering Catalyst.

Here you are a catalyst for purpose and potential in others. You enable everyone, whether they are above you, below you, to your right, to your left.

You support others in accessing their innate potential and contributing their creative capability. So that you can partner in making new vision real.

You call them to bring their piece of the jigsaw, their part of the blueprint. So that together you birth these new more sustainable systems and life supporting ways.


Ultimately this work is about learning to bring yourself fully to what you do. To get clear on what your potential actually is. To understand your own way of operating and what bringing your best actually means. To honor your uniqueness. To nurture it, to deepen into it, to make the most of it. And to then express it in a way that inspires, transforms and empowers others around you.  To together create a new world that is a true expression of our joint humanity.

Are you in?

Until Next Time,


Meet Louise...

Louise is a Next Generation Leadership Catalyst and Advocate.  

She helps leaders align to purpose, create meaningful work and become the Next Generation Leaders they are meant to be. Aka the Visionaries, Innovators and System Shifters who are building the loving sustainable world of tomorrow where we can all flourish.

She is the Founder and CEO of Positive Energy Leaders and the Creator of The Positive Energy Academy - An online course, incubator and transformational community for leaders to create and sustain fulfilling, meaningful work that has a positive impact. Click here to find out more about the Positive Energy Academy



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