Looking For The Right Next Step

career transition Jun 04, 2019
When we are looking for our career next step we tend to mainly look externally.  We focus on a change of location and ask: 'Where shall I go next?  What shall I do?'
Where am I going vs what is really missing?
You try to find a new role that you think you might like.  Then you see whether you can fit into it.  
When I first meet clients thinking of leaving a big organisation - their questions focus externally and are usually ‘Do I want to do the same job somewhere else?’ Do I want to work somewhere smaller? Do I want to set up my own thing? Do I want to join an NGO Or ’Shall I become a coach?’.  
Finding the true next step involves looking deeper inside for the answers.  
The problem is that those are the wrong questions.  To find our true path, we must instead turn inwards.  It is about digging and asking: ‘what is really missing?’, ‘what part of me is missing?’, ‘What I am not connecting to inside myself that wants to be expressed in my life’,  ‘how am I not showing up fully in my world?’, ‘what do I really want to create?’, ‘what is my next level of purpose?’, ‘what is my next level of true leadership out there in the world?’
Relatedness is the key
What you are looking for does not come from leaving to work for a non profit, a start up or to become a coach.  You can if you want, but it is not the essence of it.  Many of my clients actually create meaningful work in their existing organisation.  
You see the key is not location, it is relatedness.  It is about learning to relate back to yourself in a new way.  
It involves really hearing yourself.  
It demands that you listen to and honour what is true for you.  
It asks that you trust that if you do the things that are good for you then it will all work out.  
It means stepping out of sacrifice and building a new relationship with yourself and the world around you. 
So where does Positive Energy Leadership fit?
That is where becoming a positive energy leader comes in.  It calls for you to connect, show up and step up - wherever you are.  
The journey guides you to relate to yourself in that new way.  Rather than use the whip to drive yourself, it supports you to give yourself what you need to flourish.  It then catalyses you to a new level of personal expression and impact.  
It teaches you to visit yourself often.  It has you get to know yourself at a deeper level.  How can you know what is right for you, if you never have the time or know how to listen in? 
It invites you to reclaim your true value.  Beyond what you know, you access your real innate competence.  In that lies your unique ‘flavour’ - the extraordinary blend of qualities, talents and gifts that makes you, you.  
It challenges you to become a leader that transforms things.  We are so used to pleasing and fitting into existing boxes. But what if each one of us had the capacity to change the world in our own special way?  What would you do with that power?
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