A Time To Rest...

earth cycles Oct 18, 2019

I am usually a good ‘performer’ - setting my goals and getting there - pushing through as needed.

What if this wasn't the time to push?

But at the moment I have felt a bit aimless - I achieved my goals for the year over the summer and now I feel a bit lost. My brain has been pushing me to set new goals and do a last mad dash on something to the end of the year. But I have just not been in the mood.

Luckily, I remembered that in terms of nature this is a time of going inside... a time of letting go, reflecting and most importantly of... rest. It is not the time to just plough on or through to the next thing.

Taking a stand...

In our society, it is a badge of honour to always be switched on and ‘out there’. So it feels like an act of courage to say:’ I am taking some time out to rest and to just 'be' for a while’. To rest not just your body - but also your mind, heart and soul.

9 Types of rest...

Recently I saw this social media post about 9 types of rest:
1. Time Away
2. Permission to not be helpful
3. Something ‘unproductive’
4. Connection to art and nature
5. Solitude to recharge
6. A break from responsibility
7. Stillness to decompress
8. Safe space
9. Alone time at home

Most of us can relate to sleep, holiday, ‘me’ time or going out into nature to recuperate. We know about those... even if we don’t always do them.

But for me what jumped out was the piece about giving myself permission to not be helpful, to do something ‘unproductive’ and to take a break from responsibility. Or at least, for a while, to take the foot of the gas pedal of being constantly helpful, hyper productive and overly responsible.

I tend to be good at tuning inside, but instead I have felt a deeper tug to spend longer there.  I also felt the yearning to just immerse in unstructured creativity for a while.    To be honest the main thing I crave for is to go to Bath and Glastonbury in the UK, write in cafes there, walk the land and daydream (!)

Permission to daydream...

This is terms of nature’s cycle is a time for letting go, reflecting and rest. A time when it is ok to not know... a time to be still... a time to listen in. We are coming up to Samhain (or more commonly known as Halloween).

Traditionally this was thought as a magical time when the veil between the seen world of matter and the unseen world of spirit becomes thin. It was seen as a time to be still, drift, dream and vision. a time for inner journeys and connecting to the wisdom inside yourself.  A time where it was much easier to hear yourself.

Ultimately a time out from the normal everyday way of doing things to rest - whilst the seeds of your ideas and future direction in life are incubated.

So what type of rest are you drawn to? How will you make time to be still and listen? And will you give yourself permission to daydream?

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Acknowledgements - Thank you familychiropracticassociates for the reference to the 9 types of rest.  And Glennis Kindred for your guidance on the earth's cycles of celebration. 

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