Transformation... What Does It Really Take?

Oct 15, 2019
I am a transformation junkie. It is a passion, an ongoing life experiment - you might even say an obsession.  For me transformation is about really evolving your life and work to the next level.  
I see more and more people aspire to transformation. But not so many actually step into it or succeed at it.
I was pondering about that recently and wondering why. I realised that we are not taught at school what transformation is and how to go about it.  So what does it really take?  Here are a few thoughts
  • Be the Butterfly: Einstein said that you can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking you used to create it.  And that for me is the essence of transformation.  It is about creating something at another level.  In essence it is the caterpillar who becomes the butterfly.  It is being able to go beyond the better version of the caterpillar.


  • Become Aware Of Your Conditioning:  As we grow up, we install 'software' in our brain. Its aim is to ensure we survive the world around us.  The problem is that that software is created to help you survive, not to thrive - nor to feel deeply fulfilled, realise your true potential or find meaning.  So at some point you need to upgrade that software to be able to create something better. Otherwise you will be stuck in old conditioning aimed at pleasing your original environment.  Or be doomed to be the forever rebel. In both cases you are living someone else's life.  Beyond your conditioning lies your true life.


  • Evolve Who You Believe You Are:  There are different levels that help you evolve things - like learning new skills.  But real transformation happens at identity level. Your conditioning has its roots in stories you made growing up about who you were and your value.  Negative conditioning is founded on a negative internal feedback loop - ultimately that you are not enough or that there is something wrong with you.  As one of my coaches put it, transformation means 'catching up with who you have become’.  The way I like to see it is this... it is about remembering who you really are beyond the stories you told yourself about who you should be. So that you can become the person you are meant to be.


  • Commit To Your Full Potential:  The quickest way to shift the patterns from the past is to show up with your true talents and gifts - initially in a safe environment.  It instantly purges the old story - as you create a new experience of yourself and the world.  One where it is safe to be you.


  • Have Compassion For The Old You: Being loving to yourself is essential here.  All this started because you were rejected at some point.  And then you rejected yourself and tried to fit in.  The real alchemy happens when you really reconnect and befriend yourself.  The initial injury lasted a minute, but you rejecting yourself should not last a lifetime.  Choose to finally treat yourself better than others have done in the past.  Be your best caring supporter and send love to the parts you disowned.  
Let me know what your questions are about transformation...
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