What Did You Used To Play At As A Child?

pivotal moments Mar 27, 2018


Many people ask me: ‘How do I find who I really am and what I am here to do?'

I tell them that it is not something you have to find. It is something you simply need to remember. You see you used to play at it when you were a child…

What did you used to play at as a child?

So take a journey with me…go back in time... reflect back for a moment to you as a child...

What did you used to love to play at? Not just when you were fitting in, but when you got to choose. Did you used to play with others? Did you prefer to be alone? What did you love most?

I used to play 3 games: Magic Potions, Saving The World, and Mirror Speaking.

Magic Potions meant taking my dolls to this secret place in my grandmother’s garden so that they could rest and take time for themselves. There I would feed them strange mixtures of violet water, pine needles and gravel to make them feel happier.

Saving The World involved my bike. I would peddle as hard as I could, guiding people behind me to this beautiful bright new place. I was showing them the way and making sure that no one was to be left behind.

With mirror speaking, I would spend hours in front of the mirror talking to an audience. Sharing my wisdom!

What do your games tell you about what you are here to do?

Now, I know you may think this is just child's play. But what I have found is this.

When we are young is when we are the most connected to the difference we are meant to make. We are just in the flow, being ourselves and not worrying about what people think.

As a child, I played creating a sanctuary for others, guiding them in transformation and inspiring them through teaching and speaking, because that is what I am here to do.

I know one person who at the age of 10 went to see his dad. ‘Dad I want a loan’, he said. His dad didn’t miss a beat and asked ’What for my son?’. ‘Well I want money to buy a 100 Christmas trees. My plan is to plant them, let them grow for two years. And then sell them at a profit.’ The son got his loan and went on to become a very successful entrepreneur.

Someone else used to build crazy lego structures. Including a lighter out of lego blocks. His purpose is around innovation, engineering and being a visionary.

So really think for a moment – what are the games you used to play at as a child and what do they tell you about who you really are and what you are here to do? The best materials are usually before the age of 8.

Remember this was all seen through the lens of a child’s mind. So look for the essence...

Why we forget...

Over time, you encounter the world and you forget. You are told this story that to be happy you have to chase external success. That to survive you have to fit in. So you disconnect from how you really feel.

You forget your natural flow. Instead you learn to conform and to please others. It means you survive, but it comes at a cost.

Conformity means survival…sometimes…you will definitely get a level of safety from it. But it is not designed for you to be fulfilled or inspired. It does not lead you to meaning. It does not fuel you to impact.

And so if you want work that is inspiring, meaningful and has real impact. You will need to go beyond your habit of conforming. You will need to go beyond your survival mechanism.

Remembering your childhood games is where you start. Because it will help you remember who you were before you let others decide who you should be.

So what did you used to play at as a child?  And what does that tell you?

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