What Do You Truly Desire?

desire listening inside retreat true path Jul 09, 2019
Desire, the power of desire, your relationship to desire.  Do you hear it? Do you lean into it?  Do you trust it? Do you follow it?  How would your life be different if you did?
As the holiday period approaches, it is a good thing to reflect on this... Because let's be honest that is the main time of year when your desires get an outing... so let's make the most of it... 
What is desire?
The definition of desire is a strong feeling of wanting something.  It is that yearning that comes from deep inside of you.  
It is not that grasping external needy feeling.  But that place within yourself that calls you deeper and to something greater.  
Many schools of thought believe that desire is actually the starting point to living your true path.  Because they say that that is how your soul communicates with you.  That is how it sows the breadcrumbs back to your true purpose.
So be honest, what do you currently desire?
What is your relationship to desire?
I don’t know about you, but I find desire difficult...
At the moment I have a deep desire for self expression, for beauty, for enjoyment, for more movement - for feeling more me in my body.  But it doesn't always fit with my neatly laid plans.  
It often creates an inner conflict inside of me.  I was not taught to live life through my desire.  To be honest my desires felt like they always got me into trouble.  They seemed to lead me to be at odds with the people around me.  
I learnt early on that following my desires was somehow dangerous.  I decided that it was safer to follow certain ‘shoulds’. 
 To do what was expected of me rather than what I really wanted to do.  To focus more on others’ desires rather than my own.  To let others define what I needed or what I should aspire to.  
So how easily are you able to accept your desires?  What would you have to let go of to be able to do that more?
How can you make desire your inner compass?
If you are anything like me then you are in the habit of suppressing that voice of desire, to not trust what it says.  To get your value from being the good girl or the good soldier.  To only give desire an outing maybe a few times a year on vacation. 
Often we don’t even want to open that door for fear of what we will unleash.  
The thing is that as long as we put the lid on them it is like a pressure cooker that builds up and ultimately leaks out.  Rather than contributing positively to our life, desire seeps out in unhealthy ways, or explodes and causes havoc.  
So the first step to finding your way back is to have a practice of listening daily to what you desire, to what is calling you.  And to start bringing your desires in small steps back into our life.
For example one of my current desires is for more true self-expression through writing.  Not being guided by what I should write about, but by what I yearn to express. What I wish to share from the depths of my soul.  That is where this blog post has come from. A desire to share more of myself.
So what are your desires telling you?  And what will you do to bring them back into your life in small and healthy ways?

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