What Will You Disrupt?

#disruption #newleaders #positiveimpact Jun 20, 2019

I have spent the last two days immersed in disruption and what it takes. I was at a client’s offices preparing to coach their leaders on disrupting their own industry.

I was awed by the level of courage and leadership they are stepping into. It is vulnerable, it is raw, it is a step into the pure unknown... and at the same time so exciting and inspiring. They are planting seeds to unleash unbounded creative potential within their organisation.

Did I say it takes courage?!

It had me reflect on the current insanity of the world and ask: 'What if instead of changing the world, we actually need to disrupt it?'  And what would that mean in practice?

What is disruption?

Imagine a caterpillar... change means getting to be a better caterpillar...disruption means becoming a butterfly...

Ultimately disruption takes us beyond our existing frame of reference.  It acknowledges that as Einstein said: 'You cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness you used to create it'.  

It asks that we transform and take things to another level. Usually a place we could not even have considered before.  

It is not so much about revolution - which fights what is existing. It calls for evolution.  It changes the playing field. It is grounded in a new level of conversation. It births something new.

We stop arguing about whether this is the right caterpillar.  Instead we pour our energy into nurturing and growing the butterfly.  Just like the shift from horses to cars or Elon Musk building his Tesla.

It is time we disrupted the current world insanity

Maybe instead of negotiating with the current insanity of the world and trying to tweak it... It is time we disrupted it.  

It  means finally admitting that we don’t need a prettier or more efficient version of the existing model. We need a total game change based on a different set of rules.

If the titanic is sinking, moving the deck chairs from one deck to another is irrelevant.

Ultimately everything we are experiencing at the moment is a symptom of that one thing we are resisting. It is saying... the time for football has ended... it is time you started playing quidditch ... or actually it is time you invented a new better game.

And instead we keep insisting on making improved football shoes...

Just like my client this week, it is time we disrupted our own work, our own businesses and the current world order.

So where do you start?

And yes... you got it... it is not going to happen by itself. It is going to take you stepping up.

Here are a few questions for you to reflect on:

1. What sector do you want to disrupt?

Think garden patch...

Is it education, business, politics, finance, leadership, environment, production, health, diplomacy, art, entrepreneurship, relationships, parenting,...?

What is your area?

2. What in this area drives you crazy and makes you frustrated and angry?

What about the status quo in this area do you want to disrupt? Think big elephants (and yes it usually included the elephants in the room no-one is talking about) rather than small annoying ants.

This is not about improving the existing system. It is about transforming it. So what do you want to really transform?

3. What is the new conversation in this area that you want to birth?

This is your thought leadership. And ultimately the added value of your disruption. There is a level of daring and provocation here...

With my clients I ask: 'what is that thing you are not saying and really really want to say?'

As an example, I personally want to disrupt leadership and career. So that we stop building meaningless careers that sustain a system that is working for no-one.

I am calling for the ‘good soldiers’ maintaining the existing status quo to wake up, show up and step up. To realise their power for good and to rise... to create meaningful work that has a positive impact. And to become the new leaders that invent the world of tomorrow.

So what is it you plan to disrupt and how... let me know I would love to hear :)

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