Stay Out Of Burn Out And Find More Energy

Jul 18, 2019
Staying out of burn out means changing the way you work.  Rest and nutrition can help. But the key is tackling the real issue which is your relationship to yourself and work itself.
What has most surprised me is that the current burn out epidemic is a ‘high performer’ disease.  Its roots lay in that you have been trained to perform but not to thrive.  So what has to change is the way you ‘do’ work.  
In practice, staying out of burn out takes creating positive foundations for flourishing - rather than tittering on the edge of collapse.  It is about understanding what your true value is - nourishing it, contributing it, and supporting it in the best way.
Here are 3 ways to do that:
1. Energize Yourself
Imagine that you left your car on all the time.  Ultimately it would run out of fuel.  It is the same with you.  You need to fill up your energy...
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Are You Too Busy For Legacy?

Jul 16, 2019

I remember when I was a lawyer that I used to spend most of my life in the office.  

Often my mum would call me there.  I would tell her I was busy and that I would call her back.  The thing is I never did…

After I had done my re-conversion she owned up as to how much that had hurt.  

When I used to teach resilience to lawyers, I would tell that story to stony faced high achievers.  They wouldn’t flinch.  But at the end of the session when I would ask what action they would take … it always involved making a phone call.

The Busyness Trap

Busyness has become a badge of honour, a sign of achievement.  It seems that everybody is overly busy and... exhausted.

At the end of last year, I decided I wanted to be less busy in my work.  I realised that there was a big difference between being busy and adding real value in a meaningful way.  

With my clients the first and incredibly hard step seems to be to stop the busyness...

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What Do You Truly Desire?

Jul 09, 2019
Desire, the power of desire, your relationship to desire.  Do you hear it? Do you lean into it?  Do you trust it? Do you follow it?  How would your life be different if you did?
As the holiday period approaches, it is a good thing to reflect on this... Because let's be honest that is the main time of year when your desires get an outing... so let's make the most of it... 
What is desire?
The definition of desire is a strong feeling of wanting something.  It is that yearning that comes from deep inside of you.  
It is not that grasping external needy feeling.  But that place within yourself that calls you deeper and to something greater.  
Many schools of thought believe that desire is actually the starting point to living your true path.  Because they say that that is how your soul communicates with you.  That is how it sows the breadcrumbs back to your true purpose.
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Purpose Is A Way Of Travelling, Not A Destination

Jun 28, 2019
People often ask me: ’How do I find my purpose in life?’
I tell them that purpose is not a destination, it is a way of travelling.  That it is not something for you to find, but someone for you to become. And that from there your purpose emerges....
What will you regret?
5 years ago, I found myself in a hospital bed being rushed into intensive care - with a suspected stroke.  
As I said goodbye to my partner, I suddenly realised that this could be the last time that I would see him.  And the question came: ‘Louise, what will you regret?’ 
Something just clicked in my brain - a hidden trapdoor sprung open.    From which a ready-made checklist to assess my life emerged.  It came in the form of three questions:
1. ‘Have you experienced enough joy? The measure being 'have you done enough of what your heart truly wanted?’
2. ‘Are...
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What Will You Disrupt?

Jun 20, 2019

I have spent the last two days immersed in disruption and what it takes. I was at a client’s offices preparing to coach their leaders on disrupting their own industry.

I was awed by the level of courage and leadership they are stepping into. It is vulnerable, it is raw, it is a step into the pure unknown... and at the same time so exciting and inspiring. They are planting seeds to unleash unbounded creative potential within their organisation.

Did I say it takes courage?!

It had me reflect on the current insanity of the world and ask: 'What if instead of changing the world, we actually need to disrupt it?'  And what would that mean in practice?

What is disruption?

Imagine a caterpillar... change means getting to be a better caterpillar...disruption means becoming a butterfly...

Ultimately disruption takes us beyond our existing frame of reference.  It acknowledges that as Einstein said: 'You cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness you...

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Where Are The New Leaders?

Jun 17, 2019

I had an interesting experience at the week-end.  I was walking with a friend by the lake in Montreux (a small town near where I live).  As I walked past, I noticed that a bin was smoking - with a smouldering fire inside. I didn't have any water on me nor a container to carry water from the lake. So I tried to engage passers by to help.  

It was an interesting experiment... no-one was willing to help.  It is like it had nothing to do with them... and they looked at me as if I was very weird to even take it on ...

In many ways it was symbolic of what is going on at a bigger level in our world.

Greta Thunberg is calling for us to treat climate change as an emergency - like the world was on fire.  Looking at what is happening in the world around us one thing is clear...things need to change. The question is who will change it?

An interesting paradox...

It is like this paradox, we know things are not working. But for the most part we keep plodding...

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Create Your Own Retreat Time

Jun 11, 2019
I have talked in previous posts about how we get disconnected from ourselves in the chase for success.  And that as a result we end up feeling exhausted, empty and lost.  So what do you do when you know you are off track?
The answer is …create your own retreat time…
So what happens then...   
We all know we need to take time out.  But we don’t always know what to do with it.  So beyond yoga and green juices, here are 4 things to focus on - the 4RS of Retreat.  
  1. Renew
Take time to recover and recuperate.  This most of us know we should do… but we don’t do enough of.
Get out of the stress spiral - go for a walk or a run, get a massage, do a relaxation or meditate, go to that yoga class, listen to beautiful music, stare at a gorgeous view,  or simply play with your children.  
Take the time to just be, connect deeply with the...
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Looking For The Right Next Step

Jun 04, 2019
When we are looking for our career next step we tend to mainly look externally.  We focus on a change of location and ask: 'Where shall I go next?  What shall I do?'
Where am I going vs what is really missing?
You try to find a new role that you think you might like.  Then you see whether you can fit into it.  
When I first meet clients thinking of leaving a big organisation - their questions focus externally and are usually ‘Do I want to do the same job somewhere else?’ Do I want to work somewhere smaller? Do I want to set up my own thing? Do I want to join an NGO Or ’Shall I become a coach?’.  
Finding the true next step involves looking deeper inside for the answers.  
The problem is that those are the wrong questions.  To find our true path, we must instead turn inwards.  It is about digging and asking: ‘what is really...
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The Key To Being Fulfilled At Work

May 24, 2019
A lot of people think that fulfilment at work is mainly about finding the right box. Instead of understanding that it is about self-expression.
When choosing a job, we look at the job description to see if we like the content and can ‘do’ it.   Then we check whether we ‘like’ the people we will work with and the offices are nice.  And finally whether the package suits us.
The thing is that is not enough.  Fulfilment at work comes from more than meeting an external tick list.
With my clients, we explore how feeling fulfilled at work is not simply about external circumstance.  It is about nurturing, contributing and expressing your true potential.  
Here is what it takes:
1.  Build Positive Habits
These days stress is an integral part of worklife.  So wherever you go, you will encounter stress.  Being happy at work, means learning to create...
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How Do You Find Your Calling?

Mar 05, 2019

I was recently asked: ‘How do I find my calling?’

If you don’t know what your calling is your life’s work. What you really want your life to be about. It basically comes down to what you care about and the real difference you want to make.

In essence, finding your calling means aligning your goals and your work to who you really are - to your personal interests, your values, your passions... In practice, it is an ongoing work in progress. It is not somewhere you get to. It is something you grow into.

Living your calling can seem pretty unattainable. Getting up in the morning and to work is often hard enough.  So calling becomes this distant thing you will get to... someday. 

To change that, here are some practical ways to bring it closer to real life - without completely changing your career or working for an NGO.

1. Redefine Success: Often we loose ourselves in the chase for success. So start taking the time to hear...

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