What Will You Disrupt?

Jun 20, 2019

I have spent the last two days immersed in disruption and what it takes. I was at a client’s offices preparing to coach their leaders on disrupting their own industry.

I was awed by the level of courage and leadership they are stepping into. It is vulnerable, it is raw, it is a step into the pure unknown... and at the same time so exciting and inspiring. They are planting seeds to unleash unbounded creative potential within their organisation.

Did I say it takes courage?!

It had me reflect on the current insanity of the world and ask: 'What if instead of changing the world, we actually need to disrupt it?'  And what would that mean in practice?

What is disruption?

Imagine a caterpillar... change means getting to be a better caterpillar...disruption means becoming a butterfly...

Ultimately disruption takes us beyond our existing frame of reference.  It acknowledges that as Einstein said: 'You cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness you...

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Where Are The New Leaders?

Jun 17, 2019

I had an interesting experience at the week-end.  I was walking with a friend by the lake in Montreux (a small town near where I live).  As I walked past, I noticed that a bin was smoking - with a smouldering fire inside. I didn't have any water on me nor a container to carry water from the lake. So I tried to engage passers by to help.  

It was an interesting experiment... no-one was willing to help.  It is like it had nothing to do with them... and they looked at me as if I was very weird to even take it on ...

In many ways it was symbolic of what is going on at a bigger level in our world.

Greta Thunberg is calling for us to treat climate change as an emergency - like the world was on fire.  Looking at what is happening in the world around us one thing is clear...things need to change. The question is who will change it?

An interesting paradox...

It is like this paradox, we know things are not working. But for the most part we keep plodding...

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Create Your Own Retreat Time

Jun 11, 2019
I have talked in previous posts about how we get disconnected from ourselves in the chase for success.  And that as a result we end up feeling exhausted, empty and lost.  So what do you do when you know you are off track?
The answer is …create your own retreat time…
So what happens then...   
We all know we need to take time out.  But we don’t always know what to do with it.  So beyond yoga and green juices, here are 4 things to focus on - the 4RS of Retreat.  
  1. Renew
Take time to recover and recuperate.  This most of us know we should do… but we don’t do enough of.
Get out of the stress spiral - go for a walk or a run, get a massage, do a relaxation or meditate, go to that yoga class, listen to beautiful music, stare at a gorgeous view,  or simply play with your children.  
Take the time to just be, connect deeply with the...
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Looking For The Right Next Step

Jun 04, 2019
When we are looking for our career next step we tend to mainly look externally.  We focus on a change of location and ask: 'Where shall I go next?  What shall I do?'
Where am I going vs what is really missing?
You try to find a new role that you think you might like.  Then you see whether you can fit into it.  
When I first meet clients thinking of leaving a big organisation - their questions focus externally and are usually ‘Do I want to do the same job somewhere else?’ Do I want to work somewhere smaller? Do I want to set up my own thing? Do I want to join an NGO Or ’Shall I become a coach?’.  
Finding the true next step involves looking deeper inside for the answers.  
The problem is that those are the wrong questions.  To find our true path, we must instead turn inwards.  It is about digging and asking: ‘what is really...
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The Key To Being Fulfilled At Work

May 24, 2019
A lot of people think that fulfilment at work is mainly about finding the right box. Instead of understanding that it is about self-expression.
When choosing a job, we look at the job description to see if we like the content and can ‘do’ it.   Then we check whether we ‘like’ the people we will work with and the offices are nice.  And finally whether the package suits us.
The thing is that is not enough.  Fulfilment at work comes from more than meeting an external tick list.
With my clients, we explore how feeling fulfilled at work is not simply about external circumstance.  It is about nurturing, contributing and expressing your true potential.  
Here is what it takes:
1.  Build Positive Habits
These days stress is an integral part of worklife.  So wherever you go, you will encounter stress.  Being happy at work, means learning to create...
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How Do You Find Your Calling?

Mar 05, 2019

I was recently asked: ‘How do I find my calling?’

If you don’t know what your calling is...it is your life’s work. What you really want your life to be about. It basically comes down to what you care about and the real difference you want to make.

In essence, finding your calling means aligning your goals and your work to who you really are - to your personal interests, your values, your passions... In practice, it is an ongoing work in progress. It is not somewhere you get to. It is something you grow into.

Living your calling can seem pretty unattainable. Getting up in the morning and to work is often hard enough.  So calling becomes this distant thing you will get to... someday. 

To change that, here are some practical ways to bring it closer to real life - without completely changing your career or working for an NGO.

1. Redefine Success: Often we loose ourselves in the chase for success. So start taking the time to hear...

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Job, Career or Calling?

Mar 05, 2019

Is work for you just a way to pay the bills? A climb up the ladder to more money, power and status? Or is it about fulfilment and making a positive difference?

Traditionally, work for most people has been mainly about two things.

The first, a means to an end to make money to live and support loved ones. There it doesn’t really matter what the job is about. What is important is that it pays. Success here is mainly about safety. Making sure you have a roof over your head. That you can eat and pay for the essentials. And if possible have enough extra money to go on vacation.

The second is a career. Here what is important is climbing the ladder to the top. The main motivation is getting the next promotion - so that you can get higher up the hierarchy. The idea is that success is all about status and power.  The focus is to have a ‘good career’.  And the holy grail is to become the boss and have a good standing in society. Then you have ‘made...

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6 Principles of Positive Energy At Work

Feb 17, 2019
Most people want to feel more positive at work. Often they feel instead a mix of lost, stressed, exhausted and empty.   They ask me ‘how can I deal with my stress, manage my energy and experience more positive emotions?’  
So here are some tips from my Positive Energy At Work workshop.
Where It Comes From
The real underlying reason is the way we approach work.  We  live with the legacy of the 19th Century facturies.  There is still something mechanical in how we tackle our goals.  
From an early age we are taught to push to get the grades.  Without being shown how to balance that with our own inner knowing and honouring of our own needs.  Work then tends to pick up where school left off - asking even more of us.
We Get Disconnected
What happens is this... we loose ourselves in the chase for success...
We feel stressed because we keep pushing...
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Staying Resilient In Uncertain And Changing Times

Jan 30, 2019
Change Is Difficult
Change or the prospect of it is challenging.  It causes stress and drains your energy.  And can bring up a lot of negative emotions.
It is of course worse when a change you don’t want is imposed on you.  But even a positive change you have chosen has its moments.  As I am currently learning as part of the process of buying a new home!
When people say to me ‘I have completely mastered change and I am fine with it’.  I usually respond: ‘Maybe you haven’t stretched far enough’.  
Because any change that pushes you far enough out of your comfort zone, will always bring up emotions.
Uncertainty Is Particularly Challenging
Uncertainty is particularly difficult as it can drag on.  And we keep flipping from being optimistic to being fearful during the wait.
We can still nevertheless get prepared.
I know...
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Letting Go And Planting Seeds

Nov 02, 2018

My overall mission is to support the creating of a sustainable world in which we can all flourish.

Sometimes it feels like a bit of a hopeless cause - especially at the moment with what is going on in the world. That is why I constantly explore what it means in practice - in my everyday.

I contribute by catalysing new conscious leaders that care about planet, people, profit and progress. I help them succeed in their quest for meaning and positive impact.

Going Deeper

A new way that I am exploring is by strengthening my relationship to the planet itself. I live in the mountains in beautiful Switzerland. So nature is already a big part of my life. It takes the form of beautiful views, hikes, hot springs, skiing, swimming in the lakes.

But I want to go deeper into that relationship. And so I am starting a new practice. It will help me to align with the creative rhythm of the planet. Sustainability involves understanding how the planet creates, births and regenerates. It is constantly...

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