The Key To Being Fulfilled At Work

fulfilment at work May 24, 2019
A lot of people think that fulfilment at work is mainly about finding the right box. Instead of understanding that it is about self-expression.
When choosing a job, we look at the job description to see if we like the content and can ‘do’ it.   Then we check whether we ‘like’ the people we will work with and the offices are nice.  And finally whether the package suits us.
The thing is that is not enough.  Fulfilment at work comes from more than meeting an external tick list.
With my clients, we explore how feeling fulfilled at work is not simply about external circumstance.  It is about nurturing, contributing and expressing your true potential.  
Here is what it takes:
1.  Build Positive Habits
These days stress is an integral part of worklife.  So wherever you go, you will encounter stress.  Being happy at work, means learning to create real balance.  This goes beyong work-life balance.  It is about making time for real recovery in your everyday.    
It means really hearing yourself and what you need to feel nourished.  And acting on that.  To make it manageable think about habits that take 10 to 15mins.  Longer and it will be hard for you to fit in.
So what can you start investing in that is really good for you...a little bit everyday?
2. Contribute The Real You
We all have true potential.  But we don’t all know what ours is.  When you are sharing from your innate talents, you are naturally much more effective.  And because you enjoy it and are naturally good at it, it also gives you energy.  Ultimately, you feel delight and you shine.  And that is where your real value lies.
So how can you start creating work that is aligned to your true potential and fuels you?
3. Speak Your Truth
The secret to fulfilment at work is to be able to contribute from a real place in you.  It is about being able to express when something doesn’t feel right.  This means learning how to become an agent for positive change.  It is not just about you getting what you want.  It involves inspiring to new possibilities.
The real problem is that often we have been trained to be ‘good soldiers’  or good students that deliver the all costs.  But fulfillment at work asks that we go beyond that. And that we step into the courage to show the way.  Because then we experience that what we say and think actually matters.  And that is truly rewarding.
So how can you start communicating in a way that inspires others to change?
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