Positive Impact Is Not Purpose

May 11, 2021

It is always assumed that having a positive impact means that you are doing your purpose. So find that external thing you can contribute to and that matters to you and you will be living your purpose. 

That is what I thought too.

And then 10 years ago I started working with leaders in humanitarian organisations, social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and changemakers. They were definitely doing good. And so I thought that they would also be energised, inspired and feel on purpose. 

Some did, but a lot didn't. Many were burning out or had burnt out. I lost count of the number of founders who had to walk away - for a while at least - from their ventures even though they believed in the cause, because somehow it felt off. And even though some were making a powerful positive impact they felt disconnected from what they were doing. And somehow it all felt meaningless.

Initially I was at a loss. Because this idea that your purpose is having a positive impact was so deeply engrained. 

What I eventually understood is that positive impact is not enough. 

The key is having a unique impact. 

It is about having a positive impact in a way that is aligned to you. And that is what makes the difference. It is actually less about generically doing good. And more about contributing your inspired authentic self-expression to a cause you deeply care about. What I call aligned purpose directed towards conscious changemaking.

As such purpose is not a static destination of finding the one thing you want to make a difference in. And that's it. It is a never ending journey of growth to meaningfully impact in your own unique way the cause that is deepest in your heart.

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Louise is a Next Generation Career And Leadership Catalyst who supports leaders to step into their unique purpose, blueprint and impact. She is the Creator of The Positive Energy Leaders' Academy - A Next Generation Leadership School To Create Fulfilling, Meaningful Work And Become The Inspiring Leaders Of Positive Transformation You Are Meant To Be. She can be reached at [email protected].



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