The Precious Time Before Emails

Oct 22, 2019
I don’t now what you are like... but I find that it is so easy to loose yourself in the constant juggle of external demands.  
Whose voice is setting your tone?
Life can so easily get filled with the weight of emails and the sound of external voices asking for more.  That it is hard to hear yourself anymore.  
You end up becoming more reactive to others' cries rather than responsive to your own soul.  
Making new choices...
Recently one of the choices I have been making is to show up and write something before I look at my emails. The rule for the ‘something’ is that it is not dictated by what others want to hear.  But by something I want to write - an expression of what I really want to say. It is a time that I spend with myself - listening in and writing.  It feels so good to be able to hear my own voice.  
I have found that that simple practice has catalysed a new level of peace and creativity.  The reason being that I am listening in and making time for what is important to me.  Through that daily practice I start leaving the imprint I want to leave on the world.  
What will you start your day with?
Writing, creating and expressing new ideas and perspectives matters to me and is part of the legacy I want to leave.  Before the day takes hold, it means I remember who I am and I invest in a project that I find worthwhile.  
So what would be worth your while?  What would you like to invest in before you react to emails?  How would your life be different if you made that time before emails count?
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