Stay Out Of Burn Out And Find More Energy

Jul 18, 2019
Staying out of burn out means changing the way you work.  Rest and nutrition can help. But the key is tackling the real issue which is your relationship to yourself and work itself.
What has most surprised me is that the current burn out epidemic is a ‘high performer’ disease.  Its roots lay in that you have been trained to perform but not to thrive.  So what has to change is the way you ‘do’ work.  
In practice, staying out of burn out takes creating positive foundations for flourishing - rather than tittering on the edge of collapse.  It is about understanding what your true value is - nourishing it, contributing it, and supporting it in the best way.
Here are 3 ways to do that:
1. Energize Yourself
Imagine that you left your car on all the time.  Ultimately it would run out of fuel.  It is the same with you.  You need to fill up your energy tanks.  
So how can you start doing that during your work day? Think little pleasure moments.  
For example I would go to work via a particularly beautiful path, or I had a client who read her favourite book at lunch.
So what pleasure moments can you integrate into your everyday?
2. Energize Your Work
Some tasks that we do at work drain us and others energise us.
Now look specifically at your list of things to do.  What are the things that energise and drain you in your work?  
How can you do more of what energises you?
3. Energize Your Environment
One of my favorite quotes is ‘I plant myself where I bloom’.  
The environment around you can either be supportive or destructive.  It all depends on your unique potential and what you need to thrive.  
The thing is that people don’t automatically know what you need unless you tell them.  Communicating is the key to creating something that works for you.  
What are the conversations you have been putting off?  What do you need to say and to whom to create a more supportive environment?  
And if you want to get started on the journey, you can download here my free Positive Energy Formula, with daily positive habits worksheets and relaxations. 

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PS: If you want to go deeper into it... there are still a couple of places on my year long Positive Energy Academy - where you create your fulfilling, meaningful work that has  positive impact. Find out more here and email me at [email protected] if you are interested in joining. 

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I am an experienced facilitator, transformation coach, and creator of the ‘Positive Energy Leaders’ Transformation Journey. I help leaders connect to their mission, build meaningful careers and have a positive impact through their work or purpose based businesses.  

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Photo by Paula Brustur on Unsplash

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