Three Transformation Agent Blocks

Aug 05, 2021
When I first originally became a transformation agent, the main training I got was to be sent on a project management course.  It helped me to learn to plan in a new way.  But it woefully failed to meet my real development needs as a change agent who was also a natural pioneer innovator who saw things fundamentally differently. That is a story that I hear over and over again from clients.
That is because project management is more focused on exactly that... external 'management'.  And planning will only get you so far. 
What I actually needed to learn was to learn to organically evolve things - and for that I had to take both an inner and outer journey. I had to first grow myself to then be able to help those around me transform.
As transformation agents we need to go well beyond a project management toolkit or even change management training.  We are called to evolve ourselves so that we can show up in a completely new way. And from there, hope to make our true impact.
Getting more specific... over and over again I see transformation agents get stuck in three areas:
  • Burn Out
They underestimate or are not aware of the energy it takes to bring change.  They fail to take into account that managing resistance is actually part of the job and that it is draining.  And so they don't build up the energy they need.
The antidote to that is building your energy up consciously - not just for the everyday of work.  But also for the energy you will need to meet and lead through the resistance.
  • Lack Of Self-Value:
Often natural transformation agents feel like misfits. Especially those who want to have a positive impact.
Although many have learnt to appear high functioning on the outside. They have not built the inner confidence that matches that. That is because they have never resolved why they are out of synch with others. Is it because there is something wrong with them? And as a result deep down they do not trust their own instincts, natural potential or way of doing things.
The work here is to understand that your value as a transformation agent is in that difference. That the fact that you see and approach things differently is your worth. You just need to match it to a problem that others care about solving.
  • Communication Gap:
Recently I wrote a blog post on what I call the seven second gap. You can read more about that here. Ultimately it is the experience that natural transformation agents have that people don't get them. So they speak and people don't get it. Or even worse they get ignored, shamed or attacked.
Some get lost in trying to convince others. Whilst many others stop trying at all. And just hide under the cloak of pleasing the level above. Even when they know that is not what is needed. They lose their edge as an innovator and become conscious robots.
The way through here is to understand that there can be no transformation without connection. And that to connect does not mean agreeing, pleasing or being nice. It means appearing the same as. By bridging that gap, they can learn to bring others with them in a more graceful way.
How does that resonate with you? Where do you get stuck as a change agent?
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