Three Reality Checks For Impact Now

Oct 03, 2022
What I am hearing from many at the moment is that we are feeling uninspired by, unmotivated in and out of synch with the existing system.
At the root of it is that we can clearly see now that that system is not fit for the purpose of creating true flourishing on this planet - be it personally, economically or environmentally. In fact it is creating personal burn out, economic recession and environmental collapse.
As a result it is having us ask deeper questions about our life, work and leadership. And we are wondering what to do about it. But are not quite sure how to move forward on it or even if we should - as so many people around us seem to be happily sleepwalking into the apocalypse.
We can see that there is a need for something new - for a shift of some kind. But we are not sure of what exactly that would be, what that would mean for us nor how to meaningfully contribute to it.
I see so many well intented souls hovering on the edge: 'Shall I or shan't I? I wouldn't know what to do anyway.' Some are saying: 'Yes I would love to have more of a positive impact on all this... someday'. Others with amazing brains are even asking themselves: 'Can I really do anything worthwhile here or should I leave it to the experts out there?'
If this is you, this is what I would like you to know:
1. The Moment Is Now. This Is The Time To Play Your Part
If you are asking those questions now, it means that you are at a pivotal moment. This is your call to impact. Not someday, but now.
The reality is that we are running out of time. So someday is simply not going to cut it. Because there might not be one.
You are being called to a new level of purpose, contribution and leadership. One that is fully aligned to your real potential.
The only question is not when, it is if you will rise to this occasion now. And if you need to get yourself motivated, then imagine just for one second that the survival of human race was at stake and that we only had a small window to act.
If you really believed that, then what would you do now?
2. The Cavalry Is Not Coming. You Are The Cavalry
It matters if you show up or not. The leap we need to make now needs not just one of us, but all of us.
We need to reinvent everything - on completely new foundations from the ground up at speed. That is an enormous task. And so we need all hands on deck and that includes you.
If you don't know where to begin, then start where you are.
How can you reinvent your work, your retirement project, your hobby to contribute to the 3PS of People, Planet and Prosperity?
Go and hang out where those conversations are taking place. Pretty quickly you will find things you can do.
3. We Don't Need Map Readers Of The Known. We Need Mapmakers Of The World To Come.
The simple fact is we can't use old maps to build a new world.
We need to make new maps for that.
So what counts is not your knowledge of the old, but your willingness to go beyond what your mind can currently envision.
Your value here is not that you are a traditional expert of the existing world. That is what got us here.
It is that you are willing to become instead the curious experimenter of new ways yet unspoken of. The inspired visionary of new ideas yet unthought of. The bold pioneer of worlds yet to be discovered.
As one of my favourite quote says: 'If you don't feel like you fit into the existing world, it is because you are here to create a new one'. And know that this is your time.
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