Three Ways To Reconnect To You

#positiveenergy #positivehabits #reconnect Jul 27, 2019
I am looking forward to spending some time in my favourite place... the South of France.  It is a place where I disconnect from the world...the view helps (!) and I reconnect to myself.  I remember who I am, what I really want and what I want to put my energy in going forward.
It always starts with me getting back to daily habits that nourish me and help me listen in.
Here are three habits I use to reconnect:
1. Journalling:  
What that is, is writing down your thoughts  for 20 mins at the beginning of each day.  
Just literally whatever is going through your head at that time.  You include your thoughts, your emotions, your yearnings, your desires...  
And over time you get clear about what is really going on inside of you. You can hear yourself.  You build a connection with your inner world - whatever it is up to on that day.
And from there themes emerge as to what matters, what needs to be let go of, what wants to be evolved in your life.
2. Mindfulness:
This comes originally from Buddhist meditation.  But what it is really about is presence.  Being present in the moment and embracing whatever is happening inside of you.  
There are Apps like Headspace you can use.  Or you can get in the ‘zone’ through running.  
Some of my clients listen to beautiful music or look at a gorgeous view.   Whatever you choose, it is about having a practice that brings you back to the here and now.
3. Walking In Nature:
For me taking a walk is an important way I reconnect to myself.  Walking in nature is the best for me.  
I let my mind wander to wherever it wants without censor.  Usually it will start with whatever problems or challenges are coming up.  And then over time it makes new connections, has me access different perspectives, calms down.  
By the end of the walk I usually know what is true for me in whatever situation.
What is important is finding positive habits that work for you.  If you want some other ideas then you can download my Positive Energy Formula worksheets and relaxations here

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