Pivotal Moments Are An Inside Job

Oct 30, 2018
When clients first come to me they are very focused on finding external solutions.  What other job could I do?  Do I need to cut down my hours? Should I start my own business?  Maybe I could take a sabbatical…or even relocate.
I was the same...I wanted to find this sparkling new career that was going to make everything better.  I even went to live in a ski resort for a while.
Looking In The Wrong Place
The problem with this approach is that it is outside in What it says is this: ‘When I have this external thing, then I will be happy and fulfilled’.  And that is what created the issue in the first place.  
Because it focuses too much on the destination and not enough on your way of travelling.
It forgets that in the race towards these external goals we stopped relating to ourselves.  Or even really knowing what we are really about.  
Where Transformation Lives
Fulfilment does not come from reaching the top of the career ladder.  It reflects the way you relate to yourself, your work and others on the way.
Pivotal moments call you to reinvent these relationships.  That is where the real transformation lies.  
Beyond the chase, they remind you to treasure the magic.
They ask you to approach this from the inside out.  See a pivotal moment as calling you to a new level of alignment and personal expression. What it says is ‘you have true innate potential inside of you and it is time you showed it’.  It is like there is a part of you that is waiting to come out.  It is that choice that catalyses the real change.  
The irony is I see people change jobs, careers and even relocate, but never master this piece.  So they drift from one place to another, searching but never quite arriving.
They are looking for the perfect outside ideal place for them.  The solution that is going to make everything better.  But they never really shift how they relate to their own potential or how they show up.  So things are better for a little while, whilst everything is new.  But it doesn’t last.
The challenge is that the real key is personal evolution, not just getting a new plan.  And that is scary.
A New Map
It all starts with one question...Are you willing to dig deep, step up - and start becoming the person you are really meant to be? Because it is from there that your real purpose emerges.  
What that means in practise is:
1.     To really listen to yourself on the way.  So that you take care of yourself in the way that suits you.  Imagine a plant... it needs the right nutrients to thrive.  If you put a rosebush in the desert it is going to struggle.  
2.    To map out your true calling, your drivers, your strengths.  So that you understand what your real innate potential actually is.  
3.    To bring these gifts ‘out there’ in an emotionally intelligent way.  So that we can together co-create a sustainable way of living and working. Where we can all thrive and flourish.
As you align internally, the right external path will appear in front of you.  I call it evolving the world being you...
Until next time,
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Louise Le Gat is an experienced facilitator, speaker, executive coach, and creator of the ‘Positive Energy Leaders’ movement. She helps leaders who are at a pivotal moment in their careers align to their real purpose and step into their true leadership.



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